Best Ozone Generators 

On The Market Since 2009


When You Need To Get The Job Done Right You Need a Tool, We Make
Real World Tools, Not Toys™

Home Pro Edition 20k

Most Advanced Ozone Generator 20k unit on the Market with Bipolar Ionization $393

Vaporized hydrogen peroxide (VHP)Unit

Price: $from 1193 

Most Popular Tool for Commercial Sanitizing

Hydroxyl Extreme Blaster 24/7 run

Price: $1273 

Ideal for Hydroponic Industry

Vertical Ozone Tornado 100k

Price: $1873
Most Powerful and Advanced Ozone unit

Nano Pool Systems

Nano Bionic Pool System

Whole House Filtering, Structuring and Softening System

Treat Your Body With Ultra-Pure and Biofield Imprinted Live Water Your Body Craves

New O3 Injected VHP Fogging Machine or BiO3VHP™

  • Kills mold & germs in every nook, crack, crevice, cul de sac & 3d interface. Is superior to old-fashioned spray & wipe techniques which cross contaminates & misses hidden spaces where pathogens hide.
  • Saves time energy & money by reducing excessive labor costs.
  • Works superlatively in all categories of water loss including CAT 2 & 3.
  • Is extremely effective for crime scene clean-up, biohazard, decontamination & emergency transport.
The Chemical Free Swimming Pool -Bioblaster Bionic Nano Oxygen Swimming Pool System
Our patent pending pool system allows you to keep bacteria and algae at bay using a unique blend of ozone hydrodynamic mixing and mineral ions that have been demonstrated to kill germs for thousands of years, all without nasty stinky smelly poisonous chlorine, and still keep your water crystal clear all season or all year long.
Cutting Edge Industry Leading Technology
  • More Versatility, More Power
  • High Output 20 mg/h, to 100,000 mg Models
  • Powerful 385 CFM – 5900 CFM Industrial Grade Blowers
  • Extremely Durable cases, Extreme Ozone Power
  • Patent pending ozone tunnel™ technology
  • Patent Pending Vertical Ozone Tornado™ Technology
  • Patent Pending Carpet Treatment Machines

Ozone Generator Secrets Revealed on Video!

OZONE has been proven to kill

 all Bacteria, Mold & Viruses including

The SARS Type Coronavirus/ Covid -19

Top-Rated Ozone Generators

Our machines feature our patent pending ozone tunnel™ technology.This isolates the ozone generator to the tunnel itself, and saves on ozone breakdown of the machine components, as well as amplifying the generation of the gas by maximizing the air flow across the plates.

Family Safe Whole House Nano Bionic Filter

The Only Whole House Water Filtration System  On The Market That  Combines Filtering, Softening and Structuring System


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