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Ozone for Water, Veggies, Oil

Ozonated water is highly beneficial for either healthy or sickly people. It’s easy to make and should be consumed regularly. Besides providingmore oxygen to the brain (greater alertness and mental clarity), Ozonated water will oxidize pathogens and synthetics residues in the body, allowing their complete elimination through excretion, as Ozone is one of the most powerful known oxidizers. As a disinfectant, it is about 3,000 times more effective than chlorine. It will kill any kind of micro-organisms or any other living cell on contact, and it will generally wreak havoc with any kind of organic molecule. So also it is used for fumigation and sterilization in operation theatres in hospitals, disinfecting food products to increase shelf life, ozone therapy and many more important applications.

  • Ozone is effect over a wide pH range and rapidly reacts with bacteria, viruses, and protozoans and has stronger germicidal properties then chlorination. Has a very strong oxidizing power with a short reaction time.
  • The treatment process does not add chemicals to the water.
  • Ozone can eliminate a wide variety of inorganic, organic and microbiological problems and taste and odor problems. The microbiological agents include bacteria, viruses, and protozons (such as: Giardia and Cryptosporidium).

Ozonation Process

The ozonation process can be performed on both oil and water. In this procedure, the molecules of either substance are disrupted by agitation from bubbling or electricity, infusing some of the oxygen molecules with two additional oxygen molecules, creating ozone. Ozonated water is composed of 2 hydrogen atoms and 1 oxygen atom with separate 3 oxyzen atoms (or ozone) instead of the normal 2:1 ratio in regular water. Because ozone is unstable, the newly formed bond is only temporary and must be used or preserved no more than 20 minutes after creation to be most effective.

Biological Benefits

Ozonated water has a clean, fresh taste. This type of water has been shown in a number of scientific studies to kill bacteria and viruses. It has proven effective in killing E. coli, yeast, salmonella and listeria. The biological benefits are a result of the ozone breaking apart creating an single oxygen cell. Ozone adds oxygen to the blood stream and eliminates impurities. Increased oxygen in the brain heightens its function. Single oxygen cells introduced into the immune system makes it stronger and better able to fight infections. Drinking cold ozone water on an empty stomach regularly can detoxify your intestinal tract.

Physical Benefits

Drinking ozonated water increases energy level. It speeds extra oxygen into the body. But the effectiveness of ozonated water is not limited to drinking. Bathing in ozonated water is great therapy for skin disorders. It can be used to treat muscle soreness, spinal and back injuries and neck stiffness. These baths can be incorporated into a healing or wellness plan as directed by a physician. Proper diet and hydration work in conjunction to make these ozone baths most effective. The level of clean after a bath in ozonated water is better in comparison to regular water. The benefits extend to food, also. Washing foods such as fruit, vegetables and meats in ozonated water improve their cleanliness, too.

Medical Benefits

Due to its disinfecting properties, ozonated water is used during surgeries to keep opened areas sterile. It also is used as a supplemental treatment of cancer. Research has shown that the introduction of the third oxygen cell can aid the body’s immune system in containing the existing cancer cells, thus preventing the spread of cancer to uninfected areas of the body. Though this is not potent enough a therapy to be used alone, ozonated water has been shown to kill small numbers of cancer cells in patients.The benefits are clear. Ozonated water is a wonderful addition to any healthy lifestyle.

BIO3BLASTER Fruit and Vegetable Sanitizer and Pesticide Eliminator 5000mg/h Air Water+Oil Machine

This handy little machine quickly eliminates the possibility of pesticide poisoning & it also kills coli, salmonella mold spores & other pathogens quickly & safely using only oxygen! Why buy expensive organic food when you can use oxygen to destroy the pesticides & the germs safely.

  • Remove residue pesticide of vegetables & fruit, make vegetables; and fruit taste better.
  • Kill bacteria and remove offensive smell in fish, meat, egg, rice, bowl, increase the delicious of meat.
  • Use ozone water to washing, bathing, towing, can prevent disease from infecting

PRICE: $387.00

New Bioblaster Water / Laundry Machine
Kills Viruses Bacteria Mold and Odors! If you need to put ozone in water this machine is right for a variety of residential applications.

  • Using ozone activated water purifier in the kitchen and bathroom, you can remove most of the unwanted substances in the water.
  • Do you worry your foods such as vegetables, fruit, fish and meat are with bacteria, germs and insecticides?
  • Are you dreaming washing your clothes without detergent?
  • Now, you don’t need to worry anymore and achieve your dream just by opening the water tap. It is a sensible way to live healthier.

PRICE: $377.00

Having too much acid in your body can weaken all your systems. Your body has to borrow minerals from your bones, teeth and organs to neutralize excess acidity. High acid levels, or acidosis, might lead to diarrhea, osteoporosis, anxiety, rheumatoid arthritis and impaired immune function. Acidosis could also interfere with your cells’ ability to heal or produce energy and also allow cancer to flourish. According to the Budwig Center, cancer cells thrive in acidic environments.

Alkaline Water Benefits with OxyPure 5 step Filtration System:

  • Gives your body the right pH so that you have lots of buffers to allow your cells to rid themselves of their acidic wastes…this includes FAT!! pH 7+ to 9.5,which help to support systemic pH balance in the body, you body will function optimally,
  • Provides antioxidants. Provides low negative ORP,transforming regular water into antioxidant water,which reduce the oxidation of your body,yo will be more youths.
  • Enables body to heal itself and fight diseases Contains alkalizing minerals to make water more energy,you will feel vigorous drinking this energy water.
  • Hydrates your body. Reduces water molecule size,which create a very absorbable water.When you drink alkaline water, the body is able to absorb it better than tap, bottled or other water.
  • Finally, but not less important: Ionization creates a silky-smooth, refreshing, and great-tasting sweet water.


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