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Using our Equipment You Can Start a Successful Part Time or Full Time Business!

If Just Working For Yourself Isn’t Good Enough We Now Offer A Unique Franchise With 5 Turnkey Equipment And Business System Revenue Generating Opportunities Rolled Into One: START YOUR VERY OWN Franchise Business!

Our amazing franchise model offers a turnkey business for those who are looking to run a successful high profit business, and not just wanting to work for themselves.

Whether your goal is a part time home based business, a small work for yourself business or if you want to go Big with your very own turn key franchise. ALL Of Our Turnkey Business Systems Have Incredible Potential – Now you can start your very own version of our Amazing Business by just buying some machines and getting started.

If you are interested in going big we have a very successful in a Franchise Business in a Box System. Most franchises offer the franchisees only one or in rare cases two ways to make money.

Our franchise is Oxygreen Solutions, is unique and offers Five separate and succinct different money making contracting businesses to multiply your opportunities to earn revenue, our franchise even offers several additional products that can be sold to any client after the basic service has been performed.

Unfortunately There is a Ton of Information For Each One of these 5 business opportunities that make up our franchise, So You Need to Fill Out the Form Below To Receive Information about the business that best matches your skills and the personality:

Our Franchisees Have 5 Proven $ Business In A Box Systems to Choose From or You May Combine them all to Create a Super Franchise Business!

  • Odor Removal Business or our
  • All Natural Mold Removal Pro™ Mold Remediation Business
  • Get Sanityzed™ Commercial Sanitizing Business
  • All Natural Crime Scene/Biohazard Clean Up
  • Oxy-Green Blaster And Bedbug Destruct System Professionals

Disclaimer: Warning, This video is just our expert opinion folks, the statements in the above video are strictly based on our experience and belief based on many years of real world experience in our nation wide mold remediation business and selling and consulting with ozone customers from around the world.

How do I get Started? What is the easiest to implement amazing

Start Your Own Odor Removal OR Sanitizing Business, and enjoy the freedom of being your own boss or just earning a little extra to afford the good things in life and get ahead. If you are a more serious minded entrepreneur ready to go big invest in the full blown franchise opportunity. Have you heard of the dangers of MRSA, H1N1, Swine Flu, Salmonella, E. Coli, Mad Cow disease and others? Are you also aware of the vast number of homes that are sitting empty that have been foreclosed upon? Do you know how hard it is to sell a smelly house or a car that has been smoked in? What if your business, consisted solely of every day, you or your employees simply bringing out a few machines setting them up and letting them run for a few hours and then picking them up and taking them home again, with no back breaking labor, and very little of your own time? (As little as 10 minutes to set up and 10 minutes to break down) Does that sound too good to be true? I can assure you that it’s legit! We have successful system users in every state in the Union, and International customers on four continents who are doing exactly that! How does it work? What is the Science behind the System? Our machines make massive amounts of O3 gas also known as activated oxygen.

This incredible gas is a USDA approved Organic Sanitizer in both its aqueous and gaseous states. In fact virtually all bottled, beverages that are sold today have been disinfected with this amazing GREEN technology!

What can Activate
Oxygen do?

What can Activate Oxygen do?

It kills viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, germs, prions, odors, VOC’s, MVOC’s and much more! What’s best is it doesn’t cover up odors, or germs, it LITERALLY DESTROYS THEM!

Use them for removing smoke odors for:

  • Car dealerships
  • Pet odors for kennels
  • Hotel rooms
  • Smoke odors in apartment
  • Dog and cat urine
  • Mold remediation
  • On boats
  • Bio-hazard clean up
  • Gymnasiums
  • Agricultural barns
  • Flood and fire restoration industry
  • Food odors and more……..
  • Churches
  • High school equipment and locker rooms
  • Mold odors ( in the attic, basements)
  • Smoke odors in smokers houses being listed for sale
  • Fish processing plants chemical spills
  • School locker rooms

The market applications are truly nearly endless.

Each and every week a new customer teaches me a never before considered, by me, use for ozone gas.

If your in Real Estate you may have heard the saying “houses that smell are hard to sell”

If you’ve ever been in the car sales industry the moniker is repeated, “cars that smell are hard to sell”.

The same is true in the apartment rental field apartments that smell are hard to rent.

Since your clients will come from many walks of life the opportunities a nearly endless. This is a wide open new service business field with very little competition. It is a rare opportunity to “get in on the ground floor”!

Whether you just want to own your own small business OR GO BIG WITH ONE OF OUR FRANCHISES! THE PROFITS ARE YOURS TO KEEP!

These licenses are available for a fraction of comparable Franchises: these come with all the equipment you need; best yet each comes with our proven turnkey business license information and marketing systems which will help you attract massive clients!

Disclaimer: Warning, This is just our expert opinion folks, these statements are strictly based on our experience and belief based on many years of real world experience in our nation wide mold remediation business and selling and consulting with ozone customers from around the world.

How Does It Work?
What Would I Actually Be Doing?
What’s next?

You just locate the odor problem, (located from the above previous efforts), set up the equipment and wait while the equipment starts working on the germs and the odors.

That’s all there really is to it, if you want you can even surf the internet or go get a cup of coffee, while you let the machines do all of the hard work! The only real physical labor involved is if you are offering the carpet sanitizing service, if so; you will have to don a protective respirator and use the carpet machine to go over the carpets just exactly the way we show in the videos.

You can use them for deodorizing and sanitizing kennels. They have been used for sanitizing chicken and swine barns. They are being used for dead body and bio-hazard clean up! They are being used at waste processing plants and more!

The list goes on and on!

Our Machines use no chemicals, just ambient oxygen and the customers electricity and there is never anything to buy except the machines themselves and the licensing and marketing system, but only if you choose to invest in that portion!

Best yet, when the machines are turned off, there is no residue; after about 2 hours all that’s left is PURE OXYGEN!

That’s right with little or no formal skills, no diploma, no degree, and no special talents, if you are ready to apply a little old fashioned elbow grease (that’s work folks) and some honest promotional hustle you can buy our system today and start using the equipment, soon after the system arrives. All it takes is the desire to want to earn for yourself and to want be your own boss coupled with the action necessary you need to start the log rolling down the hill.*

In fact, it’s possible for you to get the machines take them out of the box, go through IICRC Odor Removal Tech Training and IOPAC Certified Ozone Professional Training up load the template websites and get started, practicing immediately.

Please fill out one of the forms below to Learn More:


Important Notice

Notice 1:

Our ozone ratings are issued by the cell manufacturer and were laboratory tested. We are not a laboratory and we do not rate ozone generator outputs. We have designed what we believe is the most durable best high powered generator available for the best price possible. Actual ozone output in any ozone generator is dependent on many variables including but not limited to input gas, humidity, elevation, temperature air flow and many other factors. We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the output of any of our machines in the first 15 days we will issue a complete refund. By clicking the buy now button you agree to be bound by a private agreement between the parties for the hand building of the machine design requested.

Notice 2:

In life, as in business there is no guarantee of success except that which is produced by direct individual effort and achievement. Buying our business systems or equipment will not guarantee individual profit or success; your success will depend on many factors including , but not limited to geography, population, intelligence and individual effort and commitment to succeed.

Notice 3:

Fair Use. This site may contain copyrighted material the use of which has not always been specifically authorized by the copyright owner. We are making such material available in an effort to advance understanding of environmental, political, human rights, economic, democracy, scientific, and social justice issues, etc. we believe this constitutes a ‘fair use’ of any such copyrighted material as provided for in section 107 of the US Copyright Law.

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