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“Who Else Wants To Take Back Control of Their Gym, School, or Church After Covid Restrictions Once & For All? Stop The Kicking, The Yelling, the Pounding, & Finally Breathe Life Back Into Your Gym, School, or Church With Our Multi-Step Gym School & Sanctuary Sanitizing System?”

Has confidence in health and safety caused a drop in attendance in your gymnasium or church membership? Are your members afraid to attend because of the proximity to others?

We have a solution that is working around the country for companies like Greyhound Bus in their terminals, CF Fitness and, many more gyms and churches around the country.

Our solution is a 3 prong approach
Routine (weekly) O3 Shock Treatments (to penetrate every hidden germ harboring area)
Continuous Air Scrubbing in the HVAC using Hydroxyl or Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma to control germs in the air
Using ongoing Surface Germ Control with Bioblaster Atomic Copper pathogen inhibitor (applied Monthly) to keep all surfaces germ free
Even though the pandemic is winding down the challenges & fear that have been generated will likely remain with us as a society for years to come. People are concerned about coming into contact with others. Church attendance is down. Gym attendance is down & people are suffering both physically & spiritually.

Even with the “vaccines” people are still catching covid-19 & some research suggests that the vaccinated are still susceptible to catching the coronavirus. With all the fears & uncertainty we still need to re-open society & our gyms school & churches are some of the most important places.

Over the course of the last year there have been many harebrained & half-baked ides floated around to try & solve this problem. In reality, most businesses are using toxic amounts of cleaning & sanitizing solutions that have a residual petrochemical buildup that poses a threat to the inhabitants. One of the most commonly used, is in a majority of the sanitizers being sprayed fogged & wiped down on surfaces all over the country. It’s called quaternary ammonia, & it’s is a common sanitizing ingredient used in products like Lysol™, Odo-ban, Zep and many others.

In fact over 20 years ago it was the ingredient that we used in our nationwide mold remediation business, until we had several customers that had a reaction to it. This is what paved the way for us to write the countries first All Natural Mold Removal protocols (see our DIY mold page for more information). One of the things that we discovered is that the quaternary ammonia is biodegradable, which on its face sounds good. However what it really means is that 10 minutes after it stops killing it turns into food for the very microbes it is supposed to kill!

What’s worse is that during the killing phase the surface has to remain wet for 10 minutes which is very difficult, to achieve in many locations such as vertical surfaces. Even if the product manages to achieve this kill other airborne pathogens can land on the surfaces & start feeding on the biocide itself!

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But it gets worse, when trying to solve real world coronavirus or covid-19 sanitizing needs in Gyms, schools & churches, there is another factor. It’s one that we also discovered 19 years ago when dealing with toxic mold. In the real world when you are trying to kill nanoscopic sized pathogens like viruses & nano-bacteria, you need to penetrate into the tiniest nooks, crannies, cracks & crevices or in other words into the interdimensional spaces that exist in buildings where dissimilar materials come together. It’s in these tiny spaces where these microscopic pathogens can hide. This was exactly the problem that the military ran into in 2001 after the anthrax attacks on the congressional post office in Washington, D.C. The military hired scientists at Los Alamos National Laboratory to discover how to de-contaminate an indoor civilian building environment. The very thing we are faced with today with coronavirus or covid 19.

How do you get your sanitizing solution into these tiny cracks nooks & crevices?

1. Routine (weekly) O3 Shock Treatments (to penetrate every hidden germ harboring area)

Well the scientists, came up with a solution. You must use toxic levels of a reactive gas, rather than a liquid that is atomized or fogged. Because the unique properties of a gas like Boyle’s Law, allow it to permeate every nook, cranny, crevice, cul de sac, void, or three dimensional interface that exists, in every indoor build or structure. They even went further than this & they recommended a specific, gas, which they then tested, called Ozone Gas, O3, or activated oxygen. After testing this gas the results were nothing short of amazing! They were able to achieve 7 log kills on anthrax pathogen surrogate spores! This is incredible & is good enough to be classified as sterilization as opposed to sanitization. Amazingly this same strategy was employed this year (2021) at Tel Aviv University in Israel, & was tremendously successful. The scientists at Tel Aviv, found that ozone gas eradicated the coronavirus or covid 19 in all of the hidden places as well as the top side & bottom side of the surfaces! This is something that we have proven in the real world over the course of the last 20 years as well.

Enter the power of Oxygen! Our unique large space Vertical Ozone Tornados have been specially designed to fill high ceilings vast indoor building spaces, like gymnasiums, Health clubs, arenas, sanctuaries, & assembly halls. The massive output available from these machines allows them to blow upwards up to 30 feet & fill larges spaces or in some cases to be ceiling mounted for automated sanitizing! Best of all there are no chemicals to buy, electricity does all of the work & the machines turn ambient oxygen or O2 into O3 or zone gas. Then when the machines turn off within 2 hours the ozone is converted back into harmless oxygen.

This does a phenomenal job of sanitizing every square inch in treatment zone. Ozone only kills on days it is run. So when new germs are brought in building starts to get re-contaminated. Enter next two phases of our Multi step system.

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2. Continuous Air Treatment Using Bioblaster Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma HVAC Units

Inside of the air ducts, we offer specially designed Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma or hydroxyl generating air cleaners. These generate HO radicals or hydrogen peroxide plasma. This is one of the only modalities that can perform ongoing odor control while killing viruses bacteria & mold spores! The original technology is truly space age as it was developed by NASA! Unlike ozone hydroxyls are safe to breathe & they provide ongoing continuous germ killing in the HVAC system which then distributes them throughout the air!

Hydrogen peroxide plasma ions are created naturally in atmosphere when sun’s ultraviolet rays react with water vapor (H2O) & oxygen (O2). They rapidly decompose chemicals in air & are often referred to as “nature’s broom” because of their crucial role in helping to keep the Earth’s atmosphere clear of harmful organic & inorganic compounds.

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Hydroxyls work primarily by abstracting hydrogen atoms, thereby dismantling the molecular structure of odors & volatile organic compounds (VOCs). In fact, they react so rapidly that indoor environments have few natural hydroxyls present because they are consumed near their point of entry. Powerful hydroxyl generators using the same broad range of UV radiation as the sun are now used to naturally clean & deodorize indoor environments.

In the disaster restoration industry, hydroxyls are often compared to ozone because they are both oxidizing gasses. They both have the capacity to react with and destroy chemicals that cause odor, & they do not mask, filter or otherwise cover up odors. Hydroxyls, however, react over one million times faster than ozone & with a significantly broader range of compounds. Hydroxyls are known to react with as many as 5,000 different chemicals & are the second most powerful oxidant in the world, behind only ozone & fluorine. Unlike ozone, the reactions occur so quickly they are mostly relegated to the area of the reaction chamber, which makes them ideal in the air duct system, while ozone with its much longer half-life is best used to scrub the interior building surfaces.

Unlike ozone, atmospheric hydroxyls, or hydrogen peroxide plasma ions are safe for people, animals, plants & all sensitive materials in occupied spaces & can be used continuously in the air handler of schools, gyms, & churches. Hydroxyl machines have proven to be effective for almost any odor. They are commonly used for treating odors caused by fire & smoke, water losses, mold & VOCs, but can’t do the heavy lifting that the ozone can.

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3. Last but not least we have our Atomic Copper formula for continuous control of pathogens on surfaces for up to 30 days per application!

In order to solve the challenge, of continuous surface germ control a bold new approach was needed. One that is cost competitive to traditional products, but that actually works, & one that ideally continues to kill long after initial application. In a perfect world this new approach would kill organisms in a typical traditional cleaning approach & then remain on the surfaces to continue killing but without traditional poisons to which microbes are able to adapt & develop resistance. Enter oligodynamic metals. What is an oligodynamic metal, & what is oligodynamic effect? Oligodynamic metals are quite simply metals that kill germs. Oligodynamic is from Greek “oligos”, for few, & “dynamis”, for force, meaning even in very low concentrations, they continue to kill. Traditionally these metals have been used for thousands of years, to stave off infections, preserve foods or liquids, & kill germs. Things like brass doorknobs & copper countertops remain germ free & are self-sanitizing. Recently there have been a range of new nano-metal products, like colloidal silver that have been touted for their germ killing effect & are often mixed with hydrogen peroxide in order to sanitize surfaces.

At Bioblaster we have taken a 21st century approach to using these metals, & we are using them in a space age formulation to solve a variety of sanitizing applications. For last 10-15 years nanomaterials have been all the rage. Nano- coatings, nano-medicine, nano-vitiamins, nano-ceramic, & list goes on & on. What makes nano materials so special is not just the small size, but surface area that comes from that small size. Surface area, is especially important when it comes to sanitization. Greater the surface area of the disinfectant, the greater chance that it will come into contact with germs that need to be killed. That is why we have partnered with a professor of pharmacology & developed a truly novel, mechanism to go far beyond this new traditional nano-materials approach, into the range of angstrom or sub-nanometer range or in other words the atom. Nanometer scales range from one nanometer to 1000 nanometers & encompass a wide range of sizes, the scale below nano is truly mind-boggling as we journey into the world of atomic.

Our novel process, creates individual angstrom sized particles of oligodynamic metals, these metals are not “heavy” metals just incredibly small individual atoms of select elements that are food safe & necessary in the average diet, yet contain a powerful germ killing effect in low concentrations.

We only use positively charged metals, which have a tendency to attract negatively charged pathogens via static charge or static cling. This effect is extremely powerful, & a simple brass pitcher has been shown to release minute amounts of copper ions into stored water, killing fecal coliform bacteria in counts as high as 1 million bacteria per milliliter! Copper Sulfate is used to destroy algae, & copper-b hydroxyquinoline is used in paint to prevent mildew. These formulas work, but contain other chemicals which can be more harmful to the environment than the simple metal atoms themselves. Our unique formula uses Cu++, & only that, just copper at the atomic size which means a massive surface area which kills the germs immediately & then stays attracted to the surfaces after the cleaning to keep on killing, for days or weeks, up to even months!

Using our atomic sanitizer guarantees that the gym business, school or church you own is actually sanitized & continues working in-between ozone treatments. This is the most important thing, for any sanitizer in this post Covid-19 brave new world that we live in & that we require to operate with consumer confidence in this brave new world era.

To sum up:

Our 3 step process will let you open your doors & give your members, employees, or students the confidence to return safely & to begin to interact with confidence!

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How Does It Work?
What Do You Actually Need to Buy to Invest In Your Facility’s Health and Safety?

First contact one of our representatives, so we can help you size your system appropriately. Call 1-800-240-8514

3 basic system components :

1. Vertical Ozone Tornadoes appropriate to your size facility

2. Bioblaster Hydroxymax Dry Hydrogen Peroxide Plasma HVAC Units

3. Atomic Copper and Back-pack Fogger to apply it.

PRICE: $4733.00

If you Want to Go Beyond Sanitizing Check Out Our Sterilizing Technology System Using Vapor Hydrogen Peroxide

Pass Inspections & Prevent Illness by Sanitizing Planes, Trains, Office Rooms, Airports, Ambulances, Hospitals, Restaurants & Other Spaces with a Portable Atomic Metal Ion Enhanced VHP Fogging Sanitizing System.

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