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BioBlaster is Pleased to Introduce the Best of its Kind Ultra Pure, Biodynamic , Filtering, Softening and Structuring 3 in 1 Whole House Water System



Did You Know That Drinking Bottled Water, Reverse Osmosis Water, and Even Tap Water Can Breed Fungus & Cancer?

Read On To Discover How You Can Supercharge Your Own Tap Water and Make it Healthy Dynamic and Safe Again

Friends, if you are reading this letter then congratulations; you are on the path to restoring your home and your body using by fixing the underlying key to all life and the ingredient that makes up 70% of your entire body: water. Water is at the heart of virtually all living organisms on planet Earth. Yet sadly we have done our best to pollute and destroy this most precious of our natural resources.


We have polluted our oceans seas lakes rivers and streams, using a combination of chemical runoff, human an animal wastes, forever chemicals lie PFAS, and even intentional poisoning with chlorine, chloramines, trihalomethanes, and flouride. In school we were taught that water is a simple molecule H2O. While this is technically true, water is so much more… It is the basis of all life but it is also a liquid crystal.

This means that it is a cage like molecule capable of storing frequencies and information just like a computer memory chip. This was proven many years ago by Professor Bill Tiller the former Dean of Material sciences at Stanford University. Modern water treatment systems use simple filtering and chlorination or in some cases high pressure super filtering using reverse osmosis to sift out the physical contaminants and or to oxidize the contaminants.

 The end result is “pure treated water”. The truth couldn’t be more different…and the results more dangerous to both human and to plant life. Let’s break down the two major treatment modalities for municipal water and then we can discuss the basic filtering systems that are being sold, finally we will venture in the New Sciences and look at the energetic component of water or the memory that is imprinted into water that simple filtering can never erase.

I the United States of America most municipal water treatment facilities use chlorine to treat the contaminated water that comes in from toilets to storm drains. Most of us never think about it but the water that comes into our home usually comes from a waste water treatment plant like the one seen below:

The water goes down the drains and the solids, think manure are allowed to settle out, the water is put through a series of processes to clean and sterilize it so that when it gets pumped back up into the water tower it is potable germ free and safe for drinking. The image below is a toilet paper and wet wipe sifting machine. The machine sifts out and removes undigested solids from paper towels to wet wipes to even toilet paper. Disgusting! Absolutely but still this happens in major municipalities around the world. Then the water s treated with chlorine to oxidize the contaminants and to kill the germs. After going through a series of tanks biological digesters and aerators the water is then able to be reintroduced to rivers lakes or in some cases right back to the tower to start it’s journey all over again!
When chlorine mixes with even the most, minute amounts of organic compounds, compounds that are almost always found in water and that we often introduce into the water supplie every day (think manure and urine); produce harmful by-products called Tri-halo-methanes, chloramines and other toxic by-products. As a group scientists call these compounds disinfection by- products or DBP’s.  In fact these compounds have been proven to be carcinogenic (that means cancer causing)! According to a report from the US Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risks for people who drink or swim in chlorinated water is up to 93% higher than for those whose water does not contain chlorine! When the world first began to introduce chlorine to swimming pools and the water supply, it drastically reduced the spread of water borne diseases and illnesses. It helped keep cities and town’s residents safe, now, however, we know that this new method of killing germs in water came with a price!
According to the US EPA the average American now consumes, more than 300-600x times the amount of chlorine that is safe to ingest. And if you are a chlorinated swimming pool owner that number can be even higher!
As scientists began to research the side effects of chlorine in drinking water they found that it isn’t just cancers risks that increase, but reproductive problems, immune system issues and even heart attacks! In a small rural town called Roseto, Pennsylvania, after changing from drinking mountain water to drinking chlorinated tap water, the population went from having no heart attacks to having heart attacks with no other meaningful changes in their diets!  Some other recent studies have found, the by-products of chlorine can increase risk of rectal and bladder cancer and gastrointestinal cancer risks can increase 50-100% over the lifetime of a person. A 2008 study of 400,000 babies in Taiwan found that drinking chlorinated water while pregnant can increase the risk of having children with heart problems, cleft palates, and major brain defects! According to the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Chlorophenols one of the other DBPs, created when chlorinating water,  might explain the rise of asthma and food allergies that are skyrocketing around the world. There are many more scary studies than the ones highlighted above, but our purpose is not to terrify but to highlight some of the hidden dangers of drinking unfiltered tap water!
Forever Chemicals: PFAS and GENX What Are They?

PFAS is an acronym for “per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances.” This is a grouping of more than 4,000 synthetic chemical compoundss. All PFAS compounds contain fluorine atoms that are then bonded to carbon chains. These substances have been used in many industries since the 1950s, by companies like DuPont Nemours 3M and others, and are commonly used as ingredients used to make the stain-resistant coatings, nonstick cookware, water-repellent fabric, food packaging and more.
GenX is a type of PFAS that has been in the news because it’s presence has been detected in high levels in drinking water around the USA. Both PFAS and GenX are regarded as “emerging contaminants”. This term applies to many unregulated compounds that have the potential to enter the environment and cause adverse ecological and/or human health effects.

What are forever chemicals and Why are they called “Forever”? 

PFAS compounds are called “forever chemicals” because they won’t break down in the environment or in our bodies. They stay in the environment for decades without breaking down  or disappearing. These chemicals are shown to build up in people’s bodies over time and have been linked to a wide range of health problems, including cancer, thyroid disease, and even reproductive issues.

What is GenX

GenX is a man-made chemical that  Dupont Nemours created to replace highly toxic compounds such as PFOS and PFOA. It is the ammonium salt of hexafluoropropylene oxide dimer acid (HFPO-DA).

This compound is one in a family of chemicals known as PFECAs. Although GenX was initially claimed to be safe, new evidence suggests that this compound is extremely toxic to human health.

How do PFAS and GenX get in my drinking water???

Groundwater and surface water are primarily used as drinking water sources throughout the country. These drinking water supplies are at risk of contamination from PFAS and GenX because of the widespread use of these chemicals and their inability to be broken down  in the environment.

Contamination of drinking water from PFAS is typically found in close proximity to industrial factories where these chemicals were produced or used in manufacturing processes to make other things. Other sources of contamination include airfields and firefighting training areas where PFAS-containing foams were routinely used for putting out fires.

Health concerns with PFAS and GenX

 The health risks associated with PFAS vary from compound to compound – each has its own properties and hazards. Recent studies have linked PFAS to:

  • kidney and testicular cancer
  • liver function abnormalities
  • immunotoxicity
  • endocrine disruption
  • thyroid disease
  • high cholesterol
  • ulcerative colitis
  • pregnancy-induced hypertension

New evidence indicates that GenX also generates health problems. The National Institute for Public Health and the Environment concluded that GenX chemicals are a known human carcinogen (cancer causing agent).

I wanted an automatic system, one that came on when my pool came on and turned off when my pool turned off, completely automatic. I didn’t want to use less chlorine, I wanted to use NO chlorine whatsoever! I knew that in order to eliminate chlorine altogether, I needed to deal effectively with the algae, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other microbes that create unhealthy and turbid water. This system had to be different than any other system on the market, and had to ELIMINATE ALL CHLORINE and WORK AUTOMATICALLY!

Drinking water standard for PFAS and GenX

 The Safe Drinking Water Act is a law that requires the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to establish drinking water quality standards for public water systems. Approximately 90% of Americans get their water from these public water systems. The remaining 10% of Americans have private drinking water wells that aren’t regulated by the EPA.

The EPA is required to establish maximum contaminant levels (MCLs) for pollutants in public drinking water supplies. MCLs are the highest concentration of a contaminant allowed in drinking water.

Currently, there is no MCL for ANY PFAS compound, this means the municipalities are legally allowed to return water back to the water supply that is contaminated with them!!

This means that the chance that your water is contaminated is very high.The EPA has established a health advisory level of 70 parts per trillion (ppt) for PFOA and PFOS (combined total). Health advisories are non-enforceable recommendations but are based on health problems associated with drinking water contamination.
Current EPA Health Advisories for PFAS compounds include:
PFOA = 0.004 parts per trillion (ppt)
PFOS = 0.02 ppt
GenX chemicals = 10 ppt
PFBS = 2,000 ppt

Whole house water filtration usually takes one of 3 basic forms. Pleated paper or synthetic fabric filters with either granular or solid block carbon or reverse osmosis.
In the case of hard water with either iron or manganese or other hard water minerals use either salt ion exchange water softeners before the filters or they use reverse osmosis systems to remove ALL of the minerals.

A Scary Secret Truth Lurks in All of These Systems- They Are All Breeding Grounds For Viruses and Bacteria and It Can Grow Right in the Filter itself! 

Traditional Cartridge Water Filters are typically either paper or synthetic fabric pleated filters used to remove the solid large particles followed by granular charcoal, or solid block carbon filters.  A large whole house system that uses paper filters can cost in the hundreds of dollars typical $300-$700 but do very little to remove anything but very large solids. Forever chemicals stay as does some chlorine and DBP’s. In addition these filters do almost nothing to remove the bacteria, protozoa, flukes, viruses, or other types of pathogens. They also fail to removes flourides, nitrates, sodium, manganese, iron, and other hard water minerals. Not only that but unless the filter says it is silver impregnated or copper impregnated, more likely than not the filters themselves are bacteria colonies!

Oxygen Nanobubbles are soon to become the latest rage, but as always here at the home of the Bioblaster we are ahead of the curve, you see we went beyond simple nanobubbles almost 7 years ago!
Solid Double Block Carbon Filters work much better, they can remove the chlorine and the DBP’s but typically cost between $3500-$6500, like Ultra Pure Filters and replacing an individual carbon block costs around $1500-$2000 so they are very costly to replace. Sometimes replacing the double block carbon filters costs nearly as much as the original installation and usually requires a professional technician just to change them out! Unfortunately carbon filters do not remove bacteria, viruses, iron, manganese, flourides, and other inorganic chemicals. (University of Kentucky IP-6). Worse solid block carbon filters can become bacteria breeding colony farms, spreading germs into the water line. Even if paired with UV or ozone the dead bacteria remains in the water and can become food for even more bacteria!

Reverse Osmosis Ion Exchange Resin Water Filter Systems  for the whole house are the newest latest rage for about the last 15 years.  Reverse osmosis filters typically use a pump to generate high pressure and force water through incredibly small microscopic pores around 0.0001 microns, effectively removing contaminates, and allowing the water that has been stripped of its natural mineral elements to to flow though. These filters do remove nearly all of the hard water minerals like iron and manganese, they will also remove fluoride sodium calcium magnesium potassium, bicarbonates and nearly all other important minerals, including the good minerals necessary for life. Reverse osmosis filters, do not remove Chlorine by products like chloramines, or thrihalomethanes, nor dissolved gasses like carbon dioxide, methane and radon. Reverse osmosis is also a terrible waster of precious water supplies, in fact is wastes more water than it produces typically between 3x to up to 20x more than the clean water that they produce; and this waste water has a more concentrated amount of the contaminants than the source water as the contaminants that are removed go into the waste water stream! Besides removing the minerals in the water it effectively lowers the PH making the water more acidic and less helpful to life. They are often paired with solid block carbon filters, and like the solid block carbon systems require costly maintenance, and are very expensive to service and replace!

Dealing with the Memory of Water or the Information Pollution!
Neither of these systems deal with the information pollution in the water. Because, no filter system alone will remove the memory of the removed toxins pharmaceuticals, or other contaminants unless they also have a vortexing or structuring component. In addition, water without minerals is dead, and not conducive to life or living organisms. According to Viktor Schauberger the father of both biomimicry and water structuring technologies, this water like distilled water is immature water and is greedy or hungry for information. It turns to its environment to gobble up information and will leach minerals from the soil or the bodies of the organisms it contacts! Reverse osmosis water is so greedy that it can even be corrosive for plumbing systems stripping lead and copper out of the pipes, while adding these toxic metals to the water before emerging from the tap! Drinking this water has been associated with increasing the risk of kidney disorders and gastrointestinal problems. Another study conducted at SSG Hospital found that RO water is an emerging risk factor for vitamin B12, due to the RO system removing essential amounts of the trace element cobalt!

In the 1980’s reverse osmosis system were installed in greenhouses and in agriculture and to irrigate farms, orchards.. After testing and installation three basic principles were discovered: 1) in order to be healthy; soil, absolutely requires water rich in minerals 2) the water itself must contain a bio-energetic “structure” or bio field which can be photographed and measured; 3) in order for soil to be healthy a wide variety of bacteria and other types of organisms must be present in order to fix the nutrition and minerals at the roots hairs that allow plants to flourish.


Many years ago a greenhouse owner hired a consultant to figure out what was causing a massive problem with their crops. They had installed a brand-new, large-scale reverse osmosis filter system in their greenhouse and had started using its water to irrigate the seedlings which resulted in a total disaster: After they began watering with the reverse osmosis water their crops were being destroyed by a black fungus. In all the years they had been in the greenhouse business they had never experienced anything like this.

The consultant decided to run some experiments comparing normal tap water, reverse osmosis water, and structured bio-field imprinted filtered water. In each and every test, the plants watered with reverse osmosis water were stunted and slow to develop or died from fungus infection! Imagine its effect on your own gut flora or biome or worse it’s effect on your spouse and children! The plants watered with regular tap water had no fungus issues, but grew slowly and weren’t very special. The plants watered with filtered structured water, filters that removed the toxins but allowed the healthy minerals in the water to remain, did much better than the plants watered with tap water, grew more rapidly, and were nearly all ideal specimens for the species. In fact many tests done with filtered structured water show that consistent 25% yield increases on the crops!

The greenhouse removed the expensive but mineral stripping reverse osmosis filter system and replaced it with healthy filtration with structuring and biofield imprinting and had no more problems!.


Over the years similar issues have been observed in people who had installed reverse osmosis, water systems. Many people with RO system began to report ill health, which often resulted in Candida (yeast) infections, a multiplicity of digestive (stomach) disorders, or even cancer. In many cases, infants were stunted and slow to develop was discovered that they had been drinking reverse osmosis water from a home filter or were consuming bottled water that had been “purified” using reverse osmosis. After review of the data, it was theorized  that reverse osmosis water didn’t just promote fungus overgrowth in plants, but also people plants and pets!

Why a cancer connection? Well, a fungus overgrowth in the body triggers releases toxins into the circulatory lymphatic system and tissues. Recent research conducted by the Weizmann Institute of Science and the University of California, San Diego has revealed that cancerous tumors tend to be loaded with fungus!

Naturopaths, homeopaths and other naturall-health practitioners have long contended that acidic conditions in the body results in ill health. Reverse Osmosis water is acidic instead of being neutral to slightly alkaline the way  healthy natural water should be. Drinking RO water is the equivalent of drinking literal acid! Studies suggest that drinking reverse osmosis water results in a loss of minerals from tissues and bones. Until recently the connection with fungus and cancer was relatively unknown, but Dr Simoncini of Italy and other researches have now proven this to be true.

Water from a bubbling mountain spring contains both minerals and a natural structure. It’s neutral to slightly alkaline in nearly all cases. Our Ultra Pure Family Safe filter systems are designed to remove toxins like chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides and more, while retaining the healthful minerals.

Now finally available you too can enjoy quality mountain-spring-grade water at home for pennies per gallon! Hydrate your body, heal your gut , drink, and shower in pure crystal clear structured Bio-charged water, right from your tap!

We at the home of the Bioblaster and Oxygreen solutions we have long been interested in clean healthy air as well as water. We are literally made of water.
Our bodies are comprised of over 70% water. Our product developer began working on water over 25 yrs ago, after being introduced to Viktor Schauberger, the father of water structuring and biomimicry. He has issued USA and world patents for water based nanotechnology and has built and tested dozens of water filtering and structuring devices. He has split water, into hydrogen and oxygen and even burned water.

For the last several years we have been planning to introduce a new water treatment softening filtration and structuring technology. While we had the desire it took several years to perfect it, but perfect it we have!

The first step eliminates the need for those bulky salt ion exchange water softeners. Over the years in the mold remediation business our crews have hauled out hundreds of these finicky broken units. They are costly and need continuous maintenance. Have you ever seen on of these sitting broken in a friends basement or garage?

Look at the wet spot on the floor, these things are finicky and the salt bags are heavy! Really heavy. They are not fun and while they can be effective, they are almost always a pain to own and to keep full of salt and functioning properly, and did we mention expensive? These units are typically $1500-$4000!

We found a way to eliminate these big bulky units and to soften even the hardest water using magnets, vortexing and catalyst metals. This vortexing action begins the process of structuring the water and erasing it’s memory, while it is spinning through the softening scale buildup preventing device it passes through a series of stationary spinning disks that are made of a special cataltyst.

This turbo vortexing action works lie a battery generating a very small electrical current as water passes through it, this electrical current has the effect of neutralizing the particles of calcium carbonate in water that would otherwise cause scale build up. The particles then stay suspended in the water and instead of sticking to the pipes and hot water heaters or heating elements they pass harmlessly through where they can be useful to the bodies of the people who drink the water!


Next we get to the main body of our very special filtration system, a specially developed nanotechnology membrane that removes iron, manganese, and other toxic minerals while leaving the bicarbonates, calcium, cobalt, and other healthy minerals. These special filters are made right here in the USA and are were developed by a friend for the medical industry where clean water for irrigation during surgery is a must and is treated to be bacteria free! Our Ultra Family Safe whole house system uses a unique proprietary media that has been specifically modified with our proprietary food grade additives to increase performance exceeding even ultra filtration membranes. Our system removes 99.9999999999% of all bacteria, and 99.9999999% of all viruses, it doesn’t just kill them, it removes them! This means that the dead bacteria cannot become food for new bacteria. What is the difference between 99.9% and 99.99% and 99.999999999% watch this short video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xgYalAy8oeg

If your water has 100 million bacteria in a drop a 99.9% reduction leaves 10 million bacteria, a 99.99% removal leaves, 1 million bacteria, a 99.999% removal leaves 100,000 bacteria, a 99.9999% reduction leaves 10,000 bacteria, a 99.99999% leaves 1000 bacteria, and 99.999999 % leaves 100 bacteria 99.9999999% leaves 10 bacteria, and 99.99999999% leaves 0 in this example. Logarithmic scale matters as you can see each decimal point is a 10x decrease so do you only want a 99.9% removal or do you want it all gone?


Another reason that this is critical is it keep biofilm from building up in plumbing lines which is a type of bacterial concrete like substance, it stops it because there is no longer enough remaining bacterial cells present to provide food for growth.
Another unique feature of our amazing filtration technology is it works with extremely low pressure of < 3 psi this means that it works in almost all flow pressures, without the need for costly pumps or boosters.

Our proprietary Micro Guard technology allows us to remove virtually all bacteria, all viruses, and all heavy metals and forever chemicals in just 3 filters. It does all of this while still leaving the important minerals that are essential and even vital to health in our bodies!

The above list of toxins removed, demonstrates why our water filtering and structuring systems are superior to others. In addition to removing these forever chemicals our system removes the Iron and Manganese that make water hard all without the bulky finicky always needs serviced salt ion exchange softeners on the market.


If this were all our amazing system were to do it would be amazing and one of the best systems on the market. Unfortunately….

Did You Know That Traditional Water Filter Systems Utterly Fail When It Comes to Erasing The Information Contained In These Chemicals As Well As All Of the Pharmaceutical Drugs Flushed Down The Toilets Around The World?

That’s right, traditional filtration and reverse osmosis fail to erase the memory in the water. And, since Dr. Tiller of Stanford University has proven that water is akin to a liquid crystal and is a “cage-like molecule capable of storing frequencies and information”- erasing its memory and charging it with positive information is a mission critical step in our quest for turning the disgusting tap water flowing into your home into delicious, nutritious life-giving life-enhancing water.

Water memory, is the ability of water to retain a memory of substances previously dissolved in it, even after an arbitrary number of serial dilutions, it is the basis of, and the mechanism behind homeopathy, and the reason why homeopathic remedies work. In 1988 Professor Jaques Benveniste and colleagues published a study supporting a water memory effect amid controversy in the prestigious Journal Nature. This paper was widely disputed, until Professor Boris Koch of the Institute for Polar research with a team of other scientists also proved that water at the molecular level keeps a memory of all organic life forms that have existed in it. The tool that Professor Koch used to discover this was a powerful mass spectrometer, which can accurately decipher the structure of each molecule.

They discovered that water stored the information of organic molecules, they also found that the water contained super molecules comprised of

clear geometric shapes, the Platonic solids, just like crystals which are stable and don’t even break down when water reaches its boiling point!


This phenomenon was further proven in experiments conducted by Professor Dr. Kroeplin, dubbed the discovery of the millennium. Using powerful microscopes an experiment was performed and a group of students were asked to take a drop of water from the same body of water, all at the same time, in this experiment all of the droplets looked completely different. Next a second experiment was performed where a real flower was placed into a vessel of water, then the water was taken out for examination; the result produced a mesmerizing pattern when incredibly magnified, and all of the droplets looked similar. Next the same equipment was used to replicate the experiment using a different flower species; the new magnified droplets looked completely different but all looked the same as one another.

Scientists now believe that water can be a programmable storage media, at some scientists at the University of Michigan have even begun testing liquid “hard drives”!
When you think about this it becomes imperative that any water filtration system also be able to erase any negative unhealthy information to which is has been exposed, so it doesn’t transmit this into your body or the bodies of your plants and animals.


Chemical removal testing results for UltraSafe Filtration Element. These test results were achieved during testing to U.S. NSF/ANSI standards conducted by an independent laboratory in the United States which is accredited in accordance with National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Conference (NELAC) standards and which is registered with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

What is structured water?

This is a complex topic with many competing theories, but all agree on one main point the water in our cells is structured water. Structured water can be said to be a molecular arrangement of water molecules that exist when water is near hydrophilic surfaces. Much like ice, or graphene, structured water molecules can be joined together in hexagonally structured single layer sheets. Unlike ice the sheets are flexible and can move around independently, as they are not bound together by protons. The majority of the water in our body is structured as your body tissues are hydrophilic.


In fact, Best Selling Author and world renowned physician Dr. Thomas Cowan has stated: “Health is the state of perfect intracellular gels.”  Dr. Cowan has unveiled the unique relationship that exists between structured water and blood flow, cancerous tumors, and epigenetics. Our unique water softening filtering and structuring system will let you experience the significant relationship that Dr. Cowan has discovered is the key to health. Our technology goes well beyond traditional simple hydration. Dr. Cowan has discovered that water, and its unique structure, is pivotal to life itself.

How Is Structured Water Made? It’s Simple Vortexing!

Over one hundred years ago the brilliant Austrian scientist Viktor Schauberger discovered that waters memory can be erased and the water imparted with unique life giving characteristics via water structuring. Viktor turned the world of modern hydrology on its head by defying accepted and established scientific norms with his unique discoveries. In fact he is credited as the father of today’s field of science called Biomimicry, his motto was study nature, understand it then copy it.


It wasn’t until the 21st century however that a Professor named Dr. Gerald Pollack from the University of Washington, made a remarkable discovery proving that structured water exists and a way to make it that has led to other scientists all over the world replicating his research and publishing in peer reviewed journals.
Yet even after this chemists, biologists, physicists, engineers and medical doctors graduating today have by and large never heard of it unless they have attended his lectures, visited his annual international water conference or read his acclaimed book the 4th Phase of Water…

Since Our Bodies Are Filled With Structured Water Why Do We Need More?


Structured water in our bodes is like a battery that needs continuous charging. Drinking energized structured water recharges the liquid battery of the body. When the aqueous interior of the body is charged up, it lets us operate with optimal cell function and metabolism as well as better hydration and detoxification.

Since many diseases are rooted in hypoxia (lack of oxygen) and toxification (build up of cellular poisons), dehydration, and loss of cell function, drinking structured water might help in a number of ways including blood flow and lymphatic circulation.

Beware Not All Structuring Devices Are Created Equal- Simple Vortexing Isn’t Enough!


That’s right recently vortexed water is hungry for energy and information. That’s why our structuring system imprints the water with energy called the bio-field.

Our unique methodology of bio-field imprinting  creates  and enhancement to the water that charges it up with life energies. We have done tests (and you can too) showing that our unique structuring devices can speed up the germination rates of plant seedlings and also increase the yield, of the fruits and vegetables watered during their growth with this structured bio-field charged and imprinted water..

We have seen cows give up to 25% more milk drinking this water. We have had positive impacts on poultry swine and people!

There Are 8 Important Principles You Need To Have In A Device  Structuring To Properly Structure Your Family’s Water!


  1. Employ proper vortexing using a double helix vortex
  2. Directly transfer aetheric energy via direct contact
  3. Employ the same Phi Ratio geometry used by Leonardo Davinci and the builders of the pyramids in Egypt.
  4. Use non leaching metals (no brass or copper)
  5. Use healing orgone energies
  6. Employ the frequencies of natural minerals and life giving paramagnetics
  7. Use resonant crystals
  8. Imprint the Bio-field using the frequencies of life giving plants and herbs

Our unique design induces a special double heliacal vortex into the water just like our DNA.  This basic function is performed using a special impervious titanium double coil design, and the resulting flow forms alternating left and right hand spirals just like water tumbling down a mountain stream.  During the process of the dual vortexing action we charge the water using Aetheric energies, as well as imprinting the bio-field directly, using a proprietary blend of paramagnetic materials, minerals, crystals, and frequencies of rare healing herbs and plants.

These frequencies or vibrations changes the organizational levels of the water molecules and imparts a high energy state to the molecules, without electricity or moving parts that need to be replaced.

Employing some of the same strategies used by Nature in a mountain stream, we create energetically enhanced and molecularly ordered water. These natural energies and structure in the water can both enhance and help to restore natural biological functions in living organisms. Long thought to be esoteric and mysterious, recent scientific breakthroughs and discoveries listed above both confirm and lend understanding to the importance of not just filtering out all of the nasty toxins and contaminants found in modern water sources but the absolute necessity to erase the memory and to re-charge the water itself. This is having a tremendous impact on consumers, agriculture, industry, and is providing many new research opportunities at Universities

Structured Water Is Natural Water, The Same As Untainted Water Found High in The Mountains or Deep Springs in Areas of Unspoiled Nature!

Water found inside the cells, in fruits, vegetables , springs, and  mountain streams is structured water. The water that is found in the cells of living plants and animals, including us is structured too! Recent advances and new discoveries in chemistry and physics coupled with the knowledge of particle/wave duality demonstrates that when water is spinning vortexing and in motion it is re-organized and structured creating electrical potential and charge. After being so re-ordered water is more appropriately referred to as structured water. Structuring water defines what is clean healthy, life enhancing water, by combining medical grade nano-filtration that removes the toxins and heavy metals while leaving the life giving essential minerals, and utilizing vortex action and 21st century energy transference mechanics.
We mimic the natural cleansing and water charging processes that Nature uses in the hydrologic cycle found in pristine untrammeled mountains and wilderness areas, our units are designed for simple easy installation by a local plumber or home handyman.


  • All filters are NSF rated
  • All of our housings are 304 or higher rated Stainless Steel Drinking water grade.
  • Our filter cartridges and media are made in the USA.
  • Our structuring device requires no maintenance.
  • Our unit are available with 1” or 3/4 “ fittings
  • Stop Showering and Drinking Poisoned Water Today.
  • Stop Drinking Out Of Toxic Plastic Water Bottles.
  • Buy our Whole House Ultra Safe Water Softening Filtering and Structuring System Today and Get The Pure Vibrant Water You Crave and Your Body Need
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