Ozone and Allergies

When it comes to relieving yourself from allergy seasons, or allergens in general, it can get frustrating & expensive. Sure, you could buy nasal strips every time your allergies start to act up, but that could go on forever & cost you a very pretty penny. It can also be extremely difficult to rid a space in your home, office or wherever the allergens may be, simply because it’s an open space. Fans don’t seem to work, & you don’t have the time to keep running to the pharmacy every time you sneeze or start to cough from these stubborn allergens. If it’s a small, enclosed space that you’re being forced to suffer in, such as your home office or your office at work, it can be tough to rid yourself of the allergens.

Allergies relief is just one simple step away, because with our ozone generator, you’ll be free of your allergies in no time. Our generators attack these allergens that are causing you to have a bad day, and kills them at the source. That way, when you walk back into the room after treating it, you won’t sneeze, cough or rub your eyes until you look like you have pink eye anymore!

To ensure that these allergens are gone for good, all you need to do is close off that area and turn on the Ozone Generator Bio3Blaster Home Jr., and then vacate that area. Ensure that no one enters that room for a few hours while the ozone generator is going, so you know that there is a thorough job being done to clean the area. While the generator is circulating throughout the area, all allergens will be eliminated as they make contact, and will go wherever they try to go. This will remove allergens from cabinets, furniture, upholstery, carpets and even inside the ducts for air conditioning.

While the ozone generator is running, it’s a good idea to leave a window cracked, to allow some fresh air into the room. If you find that the allergens are not completely gone when all is said and done, repeat the treatment once more for an hour or two.

What are just some of the toxins the EPA and other researchers found in inside air?

  • Benzene from paint, new carpet, new drapes and upholstery
  • Ammonia in tobacco smoke and cleaning supplies
  • Chloroform from paint, new carpet, new drapes and upholstery
  • Formaldehyde from tobacco smoke, plywood, cabinets, furniture, particleboard, office dividers, new carpet, new drapes, wallpaper, etc.
  • Sulphur dioxide, cyanide, and carbon monoxide from tobacco smoke
  • Trichlorethylene from paints, glues, furniture and wallpaper
  • Carbon tetrachloride from paints, new drapes, new carpet and cleaning supplies
  • Nitrogen dioxide from stoves, furnaces
  • Radon gas entering through foundations
  • Pollen from plants and trees
  • Mold spores from moisture and bacteria
  • Dust mites from dust and bacteria
  • Bacteria from all areas of the home

Exposure to these chemicals resulted in: headaches, memory loss, slow poisoning pulmonary irritation, fatigue, drowsiness, eye, skin and nasal irritation, dizziness, depression, respiratory irritation, gynecological problems, shortness of breath, cancer and bronchial constriction.

For the first time in history, it’s safer to be in the wilderness than in your own home.

It’s alarming that indoor air has become so contaminate, especially when children are considered. Physiologically, they are more vulnerable to toxic vapors be cause of their higher metabolic rate. They breathe in more than twice as much oxygen (and therefore toxins) relative to body size than adults. They are more active, which increases their breathing rate and they play close to the floor where heavier pollutants settle. Modern school buildings that are shut tight have the same problems.

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