Odors can gradually build up over time, especially in apartments, which is why having an ozone generator is so important. Pets, cooking, tobacco smoke, mold, moisture and body odors can really make the difference when it comes to all of the smells that grow over each other in apartments, however, you may not notice the kitchen. It’s common knowledge that if you are in a space for a long period of time, you’re not going to notice smells and odors like those who do not live or stay there themselves.

All of these odors slowly stick themselves to your furniture, drapes, clothing, the bathroom especially, and your carpets. They also find their way into crevices, cabinets, ceilings and your walls. No one likes opening a cabinet and being greeted by the smell of smoke slapping them in the face, no one.

Our Bio3Blaster Home ozone generator is the best way to get odors out of apartments, and is best to be used while out of the space for the remainder of the cycle. All of your cupboard and closet doors should remain open during this period, so no space goes untouched by the ozone generator. Depending on the severity of the odors in the apartment, you may need to vacate the premise for at least a day, if not more. This is because if the odor is heavy, the generator needs time to completely clean the place out.

Instead of wasting time masking the smell with sweet smelling air fresheners, ozone generators attack the odor at the root and evacuate it. Once you are unable to smell even a trace of the odor, the treatment is finished. To ensure that the odors are gone for good, you might want to consider bringing a friend or family member in, or whoever does not spend a lot of time in the space. They will be able to tell you whether or not the odor is completely gone. If you do smell the odor, however, repeat the cycle until you don’t.

The Bio3Blaster Home ozone generator is especially great if you are landlord who is about to rent this space out to new tenants, or before you plan on showing the apartment to renters beforehand.

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