Basements and Bio3Blaster

Mildew and mold literally thrive off of damp environments, and create an environment in basements that’s uncomfortable and, let’s face it, pretty gross. If your basement has a musty smell to it, you are probably living in live mold spores, which can be a very bad thing depending on the type of mold. Depending on the mold, you could be putting yourself at risk of creating a serious health issue, which will also damage the contents in your basement, and the basement itself.

Our Ozone Home Models as well as Pro Series Machines combats mold, microbes and other pathogens,and is the perfect ozone generator for dealing with bacteria and mold in basements. It fills the space with ozone, and sanitizes all of the closets, furniture, clothing, ceilings and the floors, plus all of the crevices and cracks that cannot be reached with normal mold cleaners.

Once the area has been vacated and closed off, it’s ready for treatment. If the basement has a heavy musty smell to it, the treatment needs to go on for hours to ensure that all of the mildew and the mold is completely killed off. If the odor is light, it will take less than an hour. Once the treatment is finished, give the entire area about an hour to dissipate before allowing anyone back in. If the moisture, mold or whatever may be in there has yet to be completely eliminated, repeat the treatment periodically to prevent the previous problem from returning.

If the musty smell is coming from the air conditioner or the thermostat, ensure that you turn it on before conducting the treatment. This ensures that the air will properly circulate in the room, and all of what’s causing the problem will be dealt with accordingly. If you plan on treating the space long term, keep a window open just a little to provide a source of air for the ozone generator to work with.

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