Bathroom and Ozone

Whether your bathroom is residential or commercial, they all have one thing in common; odors build up over time. Even if you or the janitorial staff cleans it, there are still surfaces that cannot be reached or cleaned, and that’s where the odors usually stick. Bathrooms in institutions, schools, office buildings and retail facilities have a lot more traffic than a home bathroom, and keeping them as clean as possible can be quite the ongoing challenge. These odors can be found not only on the many surfaces in bathrooms, but the ceilings and walls as well.

Our Ozone Generator Bio3Blaster Home Jr/Home is best for bathrooms, because it’s enough for the treatment of 1000/2000 square feet at a time. The best way to ensure that the odor has been killed at the source, is to leave the generator turned on for a couple of hours. Ensure that no one enters the bathroom for that period of time, and if the odor is not completely gone by the time the treatment ends, run the cycle once more.

If you have a commercial unit, such as a bathroom in a busy office building, your best bet would to tell the janitorial service to turn the unit on after they have finished cleaning the premises, before they leave for the night. Whoever is first to arrive in the building in the morning, will turn the unit off and put it away for the day. By repeating this process each day, having the generator on all night and off and put away during the day, you will be ensured that the office bathroom will always be free of those uncomfortable odors.

However, if the most used bathroom in your home constantly has an odor problem, you could do the same with the generator as well.

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