Bedbugs and Ozone

Bed bugs are nasty, creepy, little creatures that the human race could definitely do without, and our Bio3Blaster takes care of them. Instead of constantly treating your sheets, or just result to throwing them out from extreme frustration, our ozone generator treats this problem the proper way. Those pesky bugs will not only die out, but the ones that try to run away, will be forced away. When it comes to bed bugs, no one likes the plague that they bring, especially the bites. If it’s your children that is having bed bugs, you already know that they create such a large problem, even though they’re so small.

Ozone shock treatments in concentrations over 100,000MH/G help to kill any existing bed bugs on location, and chases away the ones that try to escape for good. While going through the process of the ozone treatment, ensure that a window is left cracked open.

This allows the bed bugs to have an escape route, and also allows a fresh circulation of air to pour through the room while the cycle is still going. It’s best to start the treatment right before you leave for work or before you go to school, and make sure that the door to the room where the treatment will be conducted is fully closed. This will allow the unit to go through its cycle for hours on end until you return home, leaving it undisturbed.

Depending on how bad the infestation of bed bugs is, you will need to leave it on for longer or for just a short time. The worse the infestation is, the longer you will need to let the unit run its cycle. If you see bed bugs after the cycle has run its course, repeat the treatment once more to ensure that they are all dealt with.

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