Bedrooms and Ozone Generator

Bedrooms can be full of bacteria, spores, mites and anything you can think of can find its way in. During the winter months, if your house, apartment, whatever, is not properly insulated, you’re going to deal with moisture. I’m talking about moisture coming in through the windows because they are not properly insulated, which puts your bedroom at risk for a mold problem. Certain types of mold can be deadly if you inhale it for too long, by slowly depleting your immune system until a common cold can kill you.

With our Bio3Blasters, whatever is lurking in your bedroom has officially met their match. When it comes to moisture, mold, bacteria or whatever the case may be invading bedrooms, it can have devastating effects, mainly property damage.

It’s best to keep a window cracked when conducting the treatment, to allow a fresh cycle of air in and out of the room while the process is underway. Before starting the treatment, however, ensure that all occupants and pets are removed from the bedroom into a different area, and you will be good to go. Give the unit a couple of hours, depending on the severity of the problem or the odor that is caused by moisture, for example, and go about your day. It would be best to turn the ozone generator on while you or whoever lives in that particular room is away at work or at school, so it can go through its cycle successfully for a couple of hours without disturbance.

Once the cycle of the treatment is finished, ensure to check the room to figure out whether or not the problem is still there. If the problem is mold or a strong odor, for example, check to see if it’s still lingering. If so, run the cycle once more. If not, then open the window and let the room air itself out.

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