Carpet and Ozone Generator


Our carpets take a real beating, whether it’s children spilling juice or pets having an accident, they absorb more than we think. This creates unwanted carpet odors that we might not even notice until company arrives, especially if someone is sitting or laying on the floor itself. When it comes to pets having accidents on the carpets, we can literally only scratch the surface. Meaning that the majority of the time we are only cleaning up what we can see, but leaving behind what we cannot to soak up into the carpet. Carpet odors are a serious issue, and can result in having a ruined carpet over all.



If the carpet in your child’s room has an awful stench coming from it, the Bio3Blaster is the best answer. An ozone generator not only gets rid of unwanted odors, but even destroys mold, mildew and bacteria that could be floating around. It’s no question that children are odd creatures, and will even attempt to hide food that they didn’t want to eat during dinner, which can cause a bad odor. If this hidden food was on their carpet for a period of time, you can bet your bottom dollar that the odor is now stuck to it and does not want to let go.When running the treatment cycle, ensure that the door is closed and the window is cracked open just a crack to let in fresh air. Depending on how bad the carpet odors are, you may need to run the unit for a couple of hours, if not a full day. It’s best to do so while you are at work and will not disrupt the process. Once it’s finished, check to figure out whether or not the smell is completely gone. If not, run the cycle once more.

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