Cars and Ozone Generator

If you’re someone who ends up sweating buckets by the end of the work day, you know for a fact that your car absorbs all of that body odor and locks it in. Car odors come from many different factors, such as food that was left in a crevice between the seats and left there for awhile. This, among body odors, creates a smell that can be extremely unkind to the nasal cavities. This also goes the same for pet owners who constantly have their dog, for example, in the car with them. You may not notice the smells that come out of your car very often, but your passengers sure do.


The Bio3Blaster can kick these car odors straight to the curb, without having to get a professional cleaning done that can break the bank. When it comes to ozone generators, nothing does the job better. For the duration of the cycle, ensure to have a window cracked. You will need to do so either way since you have to have the cord running through.

Before running the treatment cycle, turn your air conditioner and your heater on separately. If you can smell an odor coming from your heater, for example, leave it on for the duration of the cycle. This will ensure that no smell goes uncleaned, and that you’ll never have to hold your breath while your air conditioning or heater is on for the duration of your ride ever again.

Leave the unit on one of the seats and let it run for a few hours, depending on how severe the odor is. Once the treatment is finished, or you think the job is done, inspect your car to ensure that the odor is really gone for good. If not, run the cycle once more.

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