Classrooms and Ozone Generators

When odors infiltrate classrooms, it can turn a learning environment into something completely different, and make it very uncomfortable for all of the students and the teachers that circulate through the room throughout the day. When classrooms are used for an extended period of time, by many different occupants, strange odors can start to arise. This could be because a student spilled their drink and did not clean it up, or possibly even because there was a mess that the janitorial staff has missed previously.

Whatever the case may be, odors in classrooms are not welcome by any means and must be dealt with appropriately. Chemicals could be used in this case, but could also be harmful.

The Bio3Blaster clears out all of the unwanted odors, even if the source itself cannot be located, and does it without the use of any chemicals that could be harmful to students or faculty of the school. Before the janitorial staff leaves for the night, the unit should be turned on. This will give the ozone generator quite a number of hours to deal with the odor and to eliminate it for good, and should be done when the entire building is completely vacant. This will allow the unit to go on for hours without any disruptions throughout the cycle.

Whoever arrives first in the morning should turn the unit off and put it away, and open one of the windows in the room where the unit was running all night. The vents should be tapped over while the unit is running, so the cycle does not circulate into other rooms. Once the room has had a chance to air out, you will be able to tell whether or not the odor is completely gone. If it is still there, run the cycle for another night.

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