Coffee Shops and Ozone Generators

Coffee shops emit a strong odor of coffee and baked goods, which everyone loves, but can also release unpleasant smells from messes and spills that weren’t cleaned up in time, that have created an odor that is not wanted. Removing odors from coffee shops is nothing but necessary because of beverage and food preparation and serving that goes on, as well as the humidity and body odor factors. These odors get trapped in the flooring, carpets, furniture, all of the fabrics on location, the ceilings and even the walls.

They even get trapped in the multitude of crevices all throughout the facility and the ductwork, which can create a serious problem for the business owners of coffee shops. Not to mention all of the residue from beverages and food that encourage the growth on microorganisms.

By using the Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit, you will be able to rid your coffee shop of all the unpleasant odors and microorganisms that have been gradually building up over time. Once the area has been completely vacated and the daily cleaning has finished, set up the unit and turn it on. Based on whether or not the odor is completely overpowering or just a minor smell that is still detectable, you will need to run the treatment cycle for longer or less time. If the odor is completely unbearable, you will need to have it running for the entire night, maybe even the next night afterwards if you still detect the odor by morning. However, if the odor is a minor one, an overnight cycle treatment should do the trick.

Before the coffee shop opens for business in the morning, come in at least an hour early to shut it off and open a window if you can, if not, turn the air conditioner on. This will allow the place to air out before customers can come in.

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