Collembola are some of the smallest hexapods worldwide, and are just over 0.2 mm long, and can grow up to 10 mm in length. The majority of Collembola feed on the bacteria and the fungi that is found in rotting organic matter, algae and live in trees or on the surface of the tree’s soil. Collembola can leave red, bumpy marks on your skin that will leave you feeling constantly itchy all over the place, yet you cannot see what’s causing the problem. Nine times out of ten, people will reach for allergy medications, when really that’s not even close to the problem at hand.

Our Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit is designed to kick pets like these to the curb, and kill them dead before they know what happened. Soon enough, you’re skin will be back to being one hundred percent, and you can rest easy knowing that all of the Collembola in your home is gone for good.

If you are unsure of where the main source for the Collembola is, which you probably are not, open up all of the air ducts in your home and turn the ozone generator unit on. Afterwards, open all of the drawers, cupboards, closets, any door in the home that opens, except for the doors that lead outside. Running the treatment cycle should be done when you and your family are about to leave the house for a few hours, so the generator can do it’s thing without getting disrupted.

If you can, get the ozone generator unit as close to an open air duct as possible. Depending on the current season, turn on the heat or the air conditioner. This will allow for better circulation all throughout the location, just so no room that could be holding these pests goes untreated.

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