Crime Scene Clean Ups

Crime scenes can get extremely messy depending on what happened, and crime scene clean ups can be the most difficult thing one could ever have the job of doing. The odors that can linger behind, even after everything is cleaned up, can be devastating. This includes one of the main messes that occurs at a crime scene, blood, which will smell up a room in less than ten seconds. It’s only natural that the smell of blood lingers for a long time after it’s been spilled in a location, especially if it was on a carpeted area.


Even if the carpet or hardwood flooring has been recently changed after whatever happened at the crime scene, the smell of blood still lingers on. Especially if the crime scene was left undetected for a longer period of time, which creates more of a problem. The Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit clears that odor out by getting into every since crack and crevice that is present. For example, if the crime scene is in a hotel room, it will be a little bit easier.

Before starting the treatment cycle, ensure that the area is completely vacant. Next, open up all the cupboards, drawers, closet doors and every other door, except the main door. This will allow perfect circulation while the ozone generator does its thing. Depending on the severity of the odor, you may need to run the unit for a day, if not more. If the odor is incredibly severe, you may need to go back afterwards and repeat the cycle, just to be sure that the odor is completely gone. While going through the cycle, open up the vents and allow the treatment to circulate through there as well. Odors like to trap themselves in the ducts, just as much as they do in upholstery.

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