Day Care Centers and Ozone Generators

Children are literally the definition of messy, so when an unexpected odor arises from day care centers, no one is really surprised. Children make messes, spill everything and never fail to put something somewhere silly, so it’s only naturally that weird odors come out of day care centers like no tomorrow. However, these odors could turn into something completely different. If a child sticks a piece of their sandwich behind a dresser and it molds before it can be found, that could create a serious problem.

Mold spores will go up into the air and has the potential to make everyone that comes in contact with that room for a long period of time very sick, depending on the type of mold.

Whatever was making that odor, unless it’s body odor, still leaves a lingering smell even after it has been removed, which is where the Bio3Blaster comes in. That old juice spill didn’t just leave a small stain, it left a gross odor because it wasn’t cleaned up in time.

Before starting the treatment cycle, ensure that the door is closed and all other cabinets, closets and desks are open. It’s also a good idea to keep a window cracked as well, to allow a circulation of fresh air for the duration of the cycle. It’s best to run the ozone generator during the night, when no one is around, so the unit can run its course smoothly without being disrupted. You may have to do this a few times a month, depending on how messy the area tends to get, or just a couple of times per year.

Once the cycle has finished, inspect the room to figure out whether or not the odor still lingers. If that’s the case, repeat the cycle the next night.

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