Dog Shelters/Pounds

Animal odors can stick to the walls of dog pounds like glue, and even though we may not notice it, guests that are looking to take a new dog home certainly will. This could actually turn people off of getting a dog, because one they smell the odor that is coming out of the area where the dogs are kept, they might think twice, because they don’t want their home smelling like that.

Treating the area with the Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit is the best way to rid yourself of these dog odors that can become stuck in all of the nooks and crannies. This particular ozone generator can even eliminate dog urine odors if it’s relatively new, and not already set in the floor. Veterinary offices, homes, vehicles, apartments and even commercial cleaning companies are able to utilize this ozone generator as a permanent solution to animal odors.

To eliminate the dog odors, simply clear all of the dogs from the area, and close it off completely. Start the ozone generator and run it for several continuous hours depending on how severe the odor is. When the generator makes contact with the odor, it will eliminate it right from the source. Depending on the severity of the odor, a window may need to be cracked open to allow a source of fresh air to circulate along with the generator.

Once you feel that the ozone generator has done its job, leave the room for about an hour. This will allow the generator to dissipate for awhile. If the dog odors have not been completely eliminated, continue the cycle once more to ensure that the odors are gone. Since dogs are consistent in this area, you may need to repeat the process from time to time if you should notice an odor.

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