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Dear Friend, Did you know that NADCA (the National Association of Duct Cleaners of America) has recently recommended that there be a moratorium ( a Ban) on chemical sanitizers that are used in ducts (like Oxine and Sporicidin)???

That’s right! With the recent increase in chemical exposures is it any wonder that cancer and other serious autoimmune disorders, are cropping up everywhere? Issues have occurred causing homeowners to develop chemical sensitivities due to the routine chemical bombardment that happens to all Americans every single day as well as many other illnesses.

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Please bear with me as I explain my background and how I can help you: Make More Money and solve your need for a duct sanitizer that works as well as a chemical-in fact better, and yet never leaves behind anything but pure oxygen as a residue.

I have been in business since 1995 repairing foundations and performing mold remediation. Last year I treated mold in over 30 states in the Union. Over 2 years ago I began my oxygen cannon manufacturing business. When I learned of the new NADCA recommendations for banning the use of chemical sanitizers in ducts systems it dawned on me that what I had learned in my mold business could be applied to the science of duct cleaning. You see, I discovered to my surprise about 10 years ago that the chemicals that were being used by my so-called mold removal competitors (and indeed by most of the industry) not only DIDN’T WORK on porous surfaces… which is about EVERY surface that mold would grow on in a house (or duct system too)! I also discovered that most of these chemicals contain NO ingredients that KILL the spores (the most important but hardest things to kill) and also …that they leave behind RESIDUAL TOXIC CHEMICAL POISONS that in some case are WORSE than the poisons the MOLD makes!

Yikes! I found this out the hard way, cause in the beginning, believe it or not, back then I used the same old chemicals that everyone else in the mold industry STILL USES! And you know how I found out that these chemicals didn’t work and were poisonous?

Contracted work with three “special Ladies that got sick from the chemicals I used in their homes. I call these ladies “special because due to living with extremely TOXIC mold, they had developed a RARE condition called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder. Ever heard of it ? I hadn’t.

At that time I thought they were nuts, I mean their husbands weren’t sick, my tests came back clean, and the jobs looked beautiful. I can honestly say that I thought they were trying to get their money back for a job WELL DONE.

But…Since I had three of them in a row, I decided to try and see if there might be anything, anything at all, to their claims of sickness……

What I learned changed my life….and could change your life too, I discovered that their noses worked actually much BETTER than a “regular persons nose (someone without multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder).

HMMM! I began to theorize that maybe I had been POISONING ALL OF MY CUSTOMERS, but our “regular noses just couldn’t smell it.

I quickly began to research. Just what was in those chemicals? After all, they were EPA approved and biodegradable like (Oxine and Sporicidin).

What I discovered truly SHOCKED THEN HORRIFIED ME…

The EPA routinely approves products that contain known carcinogens (those are CANCER CAUSING chemicals) …


I quickly realized that I needed to do some research and if necessary change the chemicals that I used –FAST! So I got together with some of the countries top scientists. I met many very, very smart people who had already devoted their ENTIRE LIVES to the cause. I read TONS of material about mold and the different ways to KILL MOLD. I took ALL of the good ideas that I learned from all these sources and EXPERTS and…

Then I FUSED them all together into a system that is absolutely LETHAL to mold but remains SAFE for the entire family! In fact it leaves behind NO known residual poisons that can make people sick. It cost me a FORTUNE to do.

Well how does this relate to me, you ask ???

Ill tell you…over the years, I have worked extensively with some of the top NADCA duct cleaners in the industry in many states. Since I am an Indoor Air Quality Expert I need to understand HVAC systems intimately, because, as you well know, the HVAC is the “lungs of the house and the HVAC system will easily distribute spores viruses and bacteria throughout the house in the event of a microbial infestation.

I can’t tell you how many customers I have had whose health improved virtually overnight after a proper remediation was performed followed by a thorough NADCA style duct cleaning. I can’t tell you but the number runs into the hundreds if not thousands!

I can’t tell you how many times that I recommended to homeowners that they follow a NADCA clean up Protocol for ducts. I even described to them how to judge if a thorough cleaning was being done, which was just to ask the contractor how many hours it takes to clean an average system!

I was always bothered however, by the use of the chemical sanitizing at the end of the job…. because of my experience with the EPA approved mold killing chemicals and my experiences with customers with Multiple Chemical Sensitivity Disorder…..

I balanced my dislike of the chemical sanitizing with my knowledge of the interiors of ducts systems and the nooks and crannies that exist in metal over metal systems and the various other commonly used duct-board and flex duct systems that are so prevalent in new construction today. I understood that mechanical cleaning alone is not enough to destroy those tiny pathogens. One of the reasons I understood that, is because of something I learned years ago.

ears ago I discovered an amazing fact. I discovered that the military (after the anthrax attacks on the US Post Office) has EXTENSIVELY studied how to decontaminate buildings (like houses), and they concluded that if ANY mold remediators ONLY follow the National Guidelines for mold removal the house will stay CONTAMINATED!

Why you ask?????

The reason is simple, both residential and commercial structures have nooks and crannies and crevices and cul-de-sacs where liquid based biocides do not penetrate. And among the areas specifically defined as hard to treat by those scientists at Los Alamos, was the Air Duct System!!! YouTube Video

So they developed much stricter military guidelines at LOS ALAMOS NATIONAL LABORATORY (that’s where they built the atomic bomb)! They concluded that to be effective during a spore based microbial clean-up, the contractor must use a gas-out of the contaminated structure. The reason is, in order to penetrate into the nooks and crannies that exist in every structure; places where tiny microbes mold viruses and bacteria can hide, in order to effect a complete decontamination. They concluded that liquid disinfectants alone were not enough even when atomized to effect a better penetration.

Since I learned this, for years, I have been using a protocol for mold remediation that includes High Ozone Shock Treatments™ at the end of the process (in accordance with the Los Alamos protocols) to wipe out and destroy invisible mold spores and to penetrate into tiny hidden areas where the liquid disinfectants we used on microbes do not easily penetrate(places like flex duct and fiberboard). I also found a study published by the University of Pennsylvania which proved that the O3 molecule was just as effective in sanitizing air as it is in water!!! That’s why the most expensive pools and Jacuzzis no longer use poisonous chlorine based chemicals like Oxine they use a gas made out of pure oxygen called ozone.

Ozone is a powerful gas that is effective at killing viruses bacteria mold and mold spores! Professors at the University of Pennsylvania discovered that ozone gas is as powerful of a sanitizing agent in air ….in tests for bursts of 3 to 480 seconds it achieved greater than 99.999% kill logs in bacteria!

The reason that this is important to you is…. I developed a machine to completely sanitize air ducts and HVAC systems without using poisonous chemicals!!!!!! Best of all, it allows the average duct cleaner to generate valuable cash flow every six months and keep his customers happier than ever before!!!!! Just Imagine, being able to charge every customer every six months in between the 2-3 year system cleaning! Also you get to CASH IN on the new GO GREEN™ frenzy that is sweeping America buy storm!

In these trying economic times you need to be able to generate as much revenue as possible from every single home owner you do business I developed the GREEN CLEAN DUCT SANITIZATION MACHINE and Money Making System just for you!!

How does it work????? It works by flooding the Air Ducts and Furnace and Evaporator coil with massive amounts of this oxygen derived gas!!!!

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to buy and use nearly all of the readily available high output ozone cannons on the market today in my mold business.

First, They all shared several common characteristics, namely they largely rely on computer-style fans to move the ozone out of the generator case(ozone is heavier than air).

Second, they are largely fragile machines.

That’s right, every single machine I ever bought and used in my business, eventually broke. In most cases, they broke rather quickly.

Yep, that’s right, my men were able to break every single one of them, in most cases more than once. In fact, I always had to make sure that we had multiple machines on hand so that the ones that were being repaired didn’t cause me to be without machines in service. I have owned ozone machines that cost between $200 dollars and most over $2000 dollars.

They ALL shared two things in common, they all had computer fans, and they all broke!!!!

Well finally, I got flat out fed up with all of the outrageous service bills and I got fed up with machines constantly breaking, so I began to study all of my machines. I have always had an engineer’s mind so I took them all apart.(Watch video on page 1)

I looked at how they were built and designed and I made some startling discoveries: most of them were flat out poorly designed.
– The ones that worked best, broke the most.
– The most expensive machines I ever bought worked best, yet they were basically built, exactly like the cheap ones (but in some extremely shiny polished stainless steel cases!).

That’s right there were pretty, but made, pretty cheaply. In fact the most expensive one I owned was made in Taiwan, even though the company was American(Air-Zone)!!! That just made me mad. Here in America everyone is working so hard just to make ends meet and an American company is having its products made in Taiwan?????? Disgusting!!!!

Well I then began to contact some of the smart engineers I knew, who had worked with and built ozone generators. We discussed ozone and its real life application in the field as well as the common faults and problems built into most major brands.

Using the information I learned, I then began to re-think the basic ozone generator. I created the NEW ozone tunnel™ technology which allows the generation, up to 30% more ozone output from the same generator cell, and focuses the air flow directly through the generator cell a much more efficient way to produce it!

I used my knowledge of hydrogen, to allow me to actually weld copper to stainless steel. This improves the electrical connections and adds years of durability to the product! I took all of my real life field testing and experience and then, I built a machine that had the end user in mind, contractors like me and YOU!

Then when I heard about the new NADCA protocols I created what’s important to you most dear reader: a machine to sanitize air ducts with GREEN CLEAN™ technology! I then coupled the newly re-designed generator cell with the most powerful blower/engine available in a high output ozone cannon. It’s true we use a 6.5 Horsepower engine/blower in our unit that literally “blows the competition away

This is extremely important when sanitizing a large air duct system…. you see ozone is heavier than air …….and in order for an ozone cannon to be effective it needs to get out of the machine and into the room or duct system, where it is needed. A tiny little computer fan like our competitors use is just not able to do that.

I built this amazing ozone cannon into a duct sanitization machine that literally floods the ducts with activated oxygen after the mechanical duct cleaning is performed. I then created a simple duct port which allows the machine to literally plug right into the ducts and eliminates the tedious labour of fogging chemicals into all of the supplies and returns. Afterwards a standard cap fits in the port hole and is easily removed later for periodic recommended routine sanitizing.

Before the NADCA moratorium, the contractor was forced to spend 20-30 minutes going throughout the house getting down on their hands and knees and mechanically fogging the supplies and the returns with an EPA approved chemical biocide. Now the contractor can insert 4 screws and a port and plug in the machine set the timer and ….go get a cup of coffee while the machine does all the work for you; it sanitizes the ducts and in fact the AIR itself throughout the entire structure!!!!!!

It is far more effective than the traditional method as well, because being a gas it will penetrate into the smallest nooks and crannies in the HVAC system including the two primary bio-nesting areas the filter and the coil. Since it is installed at the main cold air return trunk line it actually focuses its killing power on the heart of the system while being powerful enough to penetrate the remotest reaches on the longest runs in the system!!!!!

Best of all, I am a contractor and I understand just how important it is to keep the men working and the cash pouring in so…. I didn’t just build you a new machine that would outperform the old method for sanitizing ducts, I designed it to be a customer– cash-sucking, money-generating system, that will allow you to create revenue in between the actual mechanical system cleaning that NADCA recommends every two to three years while still totally benefitting the customer by improving total overall air quality!!! How ????

By recommending that your customers call you every six months to schedule the GREEN CLEAN™ air duct sanitizing before they turn on the system in the fall and before they turn on the system in the summer!!!! This guarantees, that, your customer, will always be breathing clean air, and that you will be receiving constant re-occurring needed revenue- it’s a WIN –WIN situation for you both!!!!!

Traditional HVAC contractors that are mega successful know that the key to success is in getting their customers involved on a bi-annual maintenance schedule; it keeps the system functioning smoothly and generates needed revenue for the contractor. It’s time for Duct Cleaners like you, to start raking in cash in between the duct cleanings by getting your customers on a regular sanitizing program too!!!

Just imagine, how your pockets (and Bank Account ) will start to bulge with cash as you turn all of your customers into virtual cash registers as every single one of your customers begins to pay you twice a year every year! And they are glad do it too!!! And we will help….by providing you with ALL of the marketing materials you need for you to get your customers into a buying frenzy like piranhas after a hunk of meat!

That’s right, we hired professional graphics designers and professional copyrighters to make customizable template style post cards brochures and marketing materials for you to use tailored specifically to your business to help you develop your own ongoing duct- sanitizing- maintenance- program- cash- creating- system! We have developed a campaign for your past customers and existing customers so you can kick-start the revenue!!!

We want to help you make money, buy showing you how you can increase your revenue and still help your customers by providing them with an ongoing GREEN CLEAN™ superior sanitizing regimen and plenty of fresh clean air to breathe!

YOU NEED TO CALL 1-800-240-8514 TO ORDER NOW!!!!

NOW ONLY $1173 ( $973 multi units)

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