Duct Sanitizing with Ozone Generator

Our air ducts are traps for mold, mildew and microorganisms, and it does not help that they literally blow them around the room. Not to mention that if an odor gets stuck in there, it’s going to be blown around the entire room, maybe even the entire building, house, apartment, etc.

When it comes to indoor air quality, you can never have it clean and safe enough. Duct sanitizing is an extremely important thing to do, because it decreases the risk of having health problems such as Building Related Illness and Sick Building Syndrome. This specific treatment is incredibly ideal for the heating and air conditioning ducts that are found all throughout industrial, commercial and residential buildings.

When conducting the treatment cycle, get the unit as close as you can to one of the heating or air conditioning ducts, to ensure that the cycle’s flow goes straight through. Close the door to the room that the unit is in, turn it on and evacuate the area. Depending on the severity of the odor, you may need to leave it on all night, especially if the odor is highly detectable. If the odor is not that severe and is only detected when you stand in the room for a minute or two, a couple of hours should do the trick. It’s ideal to keep a window in that room, if at all possible, cracked to allow a fresh circulation of air while the treatment cycles.

Once the cycle has finished, turn the air conditioning and/or the heat on to figure out whether or not the odor is still coming out of the air ducts. If so, repeat the cycle for the same amount of time that you ran the treatment for once more. The treatment should always be conducted depending on the odor’s severity.

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