Infection Control

When it comes to infection control in your home, you literally cannot be too careful. Sure, you could run around the house with a surgeons mask on all day, wiping every surface down with disinfectants as you go, or you could simply just use the Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit. Nothing kills infections, viruses, bacteria, mold, mildew, all types of spores and microorganisms like ozone does. If someone in your home gets sick, it’s natural that you want to stay as far away from them as possible, so you don’t get sick. However, there is a better solution that is one hundred times more effective than simply avoiding and quarantining the sick person; the Bio3Blaster.
Set up the ozone generator as close as you can to the air conditioner and heat ducts and switch one of them on, then the generator. Do this when no one is home, just so the process won’t be disrupted, and then evacuate yourself as well. This treatment cycle will ensure that all of the bacteria and virus particles that have latched onto your home will be killed instantly. It’s best to do this when the person who is sick in the first place is at least a day or two to recovery.

Close all of the windows and open all of the closets, cupboards, drawers etc. This will allow the ozone to easily get into every crevice of your home to destroy the virus or the infection, and go through the successful process of infection control. Each time someone in your home becomes sick, regardless of the type of sick unless it’s not one that is contagious or airborne, this ozone treatment cycle should be repeated. Once the infection is out, the air quality of your home will be a million times better.

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