Residential and commercial kitchens generate odors which build from the repeated process of preparing and cooking food. It is also caused from accidental burning of food. These odors migrate to separate areas in the kitchen, which further go through the entire facility. They can also get into clothing and furniture on location, and can be extremely tough to get all of these accumulated odors out and gone for good. Even if the kitchen appears to be clean, food residue can be a serious challenge because it automatically deteriorates after it’s been spilled or dropped. Microorganisms start to thrive as soon as moisture is present, especially in this type on environment.
To eliminate odors in the kitchen, plug in the ozone generator unit and turn it on. Based on the severity of the odor, you may need to have it going all night. Ensure that your air conditioner or heater is running, so the treatment can go all throughout the facility easily, and make sure that all of the cabinets, drawers, closets and doors are wide open. This will allow for better ventilation not only all throughout the kitchen, but through every crevice possible.

It’s best to have the janitorial staff, if the kitchen is commercial, start the treatment cycle after they have cleaned the kitchen completely, so they can leave it on before they leave for the night. If a certain area in the kitchen has the worst odor, the generator will see to it, as long as the door is wide open. If you have a residential kitchen, then it’s best to turn the ozone generator on before you leave for work, school or wherever you go during the day. That way the generator will have more than enough time to cycle out that unwanted, unpleasant odor from the kitchen and everywhere else.

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