Nursing Homes

It’s no secret that the elderly are a lot more at risk for sickness than someone who is middle aged, solely because their immune systems are not as strong as they used to be. This is why having the best quality of air possible is extremely necessary, because if not, sickness will travel incredibly fast. If one person gets sick, and the illness is traveling through the air ducts in nursing homes, you’re going to have a big issue. This will put everyone in the facility at risk of getting sick, especially since their immune systems cannot handle very much. This is especially true if mold and mildew is present on location. If there is a musky smell coming from any of the rooms, everyone is in danger.
The Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit is designed to infiltrate all of the cracks and crevices where the odors, mold and mildew like to hide, to flush them out from their source and kill them off completely. The best way to get rid of all the odors and mold that have accumulated over time, is to leave all of the air ducts in every room open. That way, the treatment cycle can reach every room that needs the necessary treatment.

Place the unit in the room that is in question, preferably as close as possible to an open air vent. Turn on the Bio3Blaster ozone generator unit when you are leaving, so it can do its thing all night long. Have whoever is around first in the morning turn the ozone generator off, and open a window. This will allow a fresh circulation of air before you go about your business for the day. Allow the entire area to air out for at least an hour before anyone else comes into the room. If the odor still lingers on, repeat the cycle.

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