Hydroponic Industry

The hydroponic industry is nothing but tough, and hydroponics need perfect air quality to grow plants without soil, in water, using solutions of mineral nutrients. If the air quality within the building is very weak, or has bacteria, mold or mildew floating around in it, you’re going to have a very bad time. This is why ozone generators are so important within the hydroponic industry, because of the many benefits that they bring.

These benefits include the elimination of H2S as well as algae, root-born pathogens such as powdery mildew, Pythium and Fusarium and microbes, increases over all oxygen levels, saves chemical fertilizers and brings a higher crop yield.

All of these factors are extremely important to the hydroponic industry, and the Bio3Blaster brings home the goods. Certain bacteria and mold will bring an odd odor into the mix, which is extremely bad for hydroponic buildings, and must be dealt with accordingly. Harmful chemicals are out of the question, as they will damage the plants.

To eliminate odors in home, plug in the ozone generator unit and turn it on. Based on the severity of the odor, you may need to have it going all night. Ensure that your air ducts are all wide open, so the treatment can go all throughout the building easily, and make sure that all of the cabinets, drawers and doors are wide open. This will allow for better ventilation not only all throughout the building, but through every crevice possible. If a certain room is particularly the one with the worst odor, the generator will see to it, as long as the door is wide open.

If the unwanted odor is still detected, repeat the cycle once more for the same amount of time, unless there is a change in the severity.

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