Air Fed Commercial Water Machine (10,000k-100,000mg/h)


Did You Know That Swimming In A Chlorinated Pool Is Actually Hazardous to Your Health!

Now You Can Swim Poison Free in Your Own Pool Using Our Bioblaster Bionic Nano Oxygen™ Automated Chlorine/ Chemical Free/H2O2 Free No Salt Swimming pool System

Do you love to swim, but hate the way the chlorine makes your hair and skin feel?
Are you worried what the toxic chlemicals in pool water are doing to your children when they swim?

Now Available, a new way to purify and sanitize your pool without the addition of toxic chlorine or heavy salt and chlorine mixtures and saturate your body in massive amounts of Oxygen!

Our patent pending pool system allows you to keep bacteria and algae at bay using a unique blend of ozone hydrodynamic mixing and mineral ions that have been demonstrated to kill germs for thousands of years, all without nasty stinky smelly poisonous chlorine, and still keep your water crystal clear, and saturated with oxygen all season or all year long.

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When our family moved to Florida, we got our first in-ground swimming pool and my young children, loved it. They spent hours each day swimming and playing. What I noticed in the first few weeks, is that our daughters hair had become brittle and their skin dry. Worried what this could do to the rest of their bodies, I began to study traditional chlorine disinfection and discovered just how toxic and poisonous chlorine is to our bodies.

I also travel for business and every hotel I stay at has a swimming pool. The smell coming from those hotel swimming pools is obnoxious! Every single person I know who has ever gone swimming in a swimming pool understands the phrase that “stinks like swimming pool water!”

Did you know that chlorinating pool water is much worse than just the smells that it makes?

It doesn’t just make your hair dry and your skin dry; no it is far more dangerous than that! When chlorine mixes with even the most, minute amounts of organic compounds, compounds that are almost always found in water and that we often introduce into the pool every day (think sweat and urine); they can produce harmful by-products called Tri-halo-methanes, chloramines and other toxic by-products. As a group scientists call these compounds disinfection by- products or DBP’s. In fact these compounds have been proven to be carcinogenic (that means cancer causing)! According to a report from the US Council of Environmental Quality, the cancer risks for people who drink or swim in chlorinated water is up to 93% higher than for those whose water does not contain chlorine!

When the world first began to introduce chlorine to swimming pools and the water supply, it drastically reduced the spread of water borne diseases and illnesses. It helped keep cities and town’s residents safe, now, however, we know that this new method of killing germs in water came with a price! According to the US EPA the average American now consumes, more than 300-600x times the amount of chlorine that is safe to ingest. And if you are a chlorinated swimming pool owner that number can be even higher!

As scientists began to research the side effects of chlorine in drinking water and swimming pools they found that it isn’t just cancers risks that increase, but reproductive problems, immune system issues and even heart attacks! In a small rural town called Roseto, Pennsylvania, after changing from drinking mountain water to drinking chlorinated tap water, the population went from having no heart attacks to having heart attacks with no other meaningful changes in their diets! Some other recent studies have found, the by-products of chlorine can increase risk of rectal and bladder cancer and gastrointestinal cancer risks can increase 50-100% over the lifetime of a person. A 2008 study of 400,000 babies in Taiwan found that drinking chlorinated water while pregnant can increase the risk of having children with heart problems, cleft palates, and major brain defects! According to the Annals of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, Chlorophenols one of the other DBPs, created when chlorinating water, might explain the rise of asthma and food allergies that are skyrocketing around the world. There are many more scary studies than the ones highlighted above, but our purpose is not to terrify but to highlight some of the hidden dangers of swimming in your own backyard pool!

What if I told you that It doesn’t have to be this way? That when you buy our system, you can enjoy and get the crystal clear fresh water, you need, without any added smells or chemicals!

When I looked at the products in the marketplace for eliminating chlorine I found that there were only a few major options: they either used other substitute poisonous chemicals like bromine, or they used salt water and an electrolyser or you have to keep buying massive amounts of very expensive hydrogen peroxide. The bromine is poisonous and when you electrolyze salt water, you are splitting the Na (sodium) from the Cl (chlorine) leaving free chlorine and sodium, not a healthy broth to swim in either; and surprise, surprise, it still means you are swimming in, you guessed it, CHLORINE! Salt pools are just disguised chlorine swimming pools or as I like to call them dry chlorine pools, and instead of adding liquid chlorine or chlorine tablets you add dry salt to split in half and get your chlorine right from the salt. And forget opening your eyes in that salt brine or accidentally getting it in your mouth, YUCK!

bioblasterThe ozone systems I found were also very low output from that which is needed to actually oxidize the contaminants in a meaningful way. Most of these system use low Milligrams of ozone per hour, in the hundreds and not tens of thousands of milligrams, needed to truly sanitize and kill contaminants. These systems promised less chlorine but not the elimination of it. Additionally even if they did generate enough ozone, you would have to run the system 24 hours a day 7 days a week, greatly reducing the lifetime of the ozone generator and costing lots of money in the form of electricity consumption. Running your pool pump all day and all night can really add up! Not only don’t they produce enough ozone all of the systems fail to actively mix the ozone and to nanotize the bubbles of ozone and most of it ends up off gassing immediately and not working effectively.

Ionizers and Copper generators alone don’t work either, as they work pretty well at controlling algae and bacteria but still need chlorine to make the pool water stay clear. In other words, neither the copper generating system nor the ozone systems worked to ELIMINATE chlorine! And the copper can stain your expensive pool tiles!

Hydrogen peroxide systems can be made to work, but they are very expensive not only to install but to operate, and they are not simple or automatic. They tend to be problematic, and require constant adjustments. Also usually they need to have additional chemicals added to make adjustments.

I wanted an automatic system, one that came on when my pool came on and turned off when my pool turned off, completely automatic. I didn’t want to use less chlorine, I wanted to use NO chlorine whatsoever! I knew that in order to eliminate chlorine altogether, I needed to deal effectively with the algae, bacteria, viruses, protozoa and other microbes that create unhealthy and turbid water. This system had to be different than any other system on the market, and had to ELIMINATE ALL CHLORINE and WORK AUTOMATICALLY!

I built my first successful system and tested it on my own family`s pool, It worked FLAWLESLY and AUTOMATICALLY, and best of all I didn’t need to pay the pool man $150 per month for chemicals any more!

The first few weeks our family swam in the water, we discovered something amazing, rather than drying out our skin and hair, both were left softer and silkier. My wife and daughters were ecstatic. Now for the first time, we could swim underwater and open our eyes to play diving games. No eye irritation, no burning, just clean crystal clear pure water that is boosted with oxygen! Finally the swimming pool nightmare of dry skin, straw like hair, toxic chloramine exposure had come to an end. We began to enjoy daily swimming in our pool. Pool time was now exciting and fun!

We ran the pool all year long on the system and other than normal back-flushing maintenance every 3-4 months, no other chemicals were ever used! Best of all it turned on automatically just after the pool filter systems turns on and off and just before the pool filter turns off. No need to hire a pool boy, and with a robotic floor sweeper the pool stays clean automatically all the time! It was like an automatic pool miracle!

bioblasterActual Customer Installation

I began building and selling them in a nationwide Beta Test, letting homeowners put them through their paces, letting the systems rack up the hours. The results were incredible, but the systems were not designed for a long lifespan. During this period I began creating the industrial bulletproof long life system. We tested different components, air feeding vs oxygen feeding and different types of integration and mixing and nanotization technologies. The results of the testing culminated in the world’s first and best completely chemical free nano Oxygen swimming pools that require no chlorine and results in the purest water!

Oxygen Nanobubbles are soon to become the latest rage, but as always here at the home of the Bioblaster we are ahead of the curve, you see we went beyond simple nanobubbles almost 7 years ago!

What can nanobubbles do? Well for starters too many things to list in one page. The Nanobubble was theorized in 2004 by scientists in Japan and the first nanobubble generator was debeted at the World’s Fair in 2006 where scientists kept saltwater fish alive in a freshwater tank loaded with oxygen nanobubbles, side by side with freshwater fish. Without nanobubbles this is flat out impossible. Nanobubbles are so small that once they get under 100 nanometers (the size of a virus) they no longer rise to the surface of the water and break! This means that the water begins to carry high levels of oxygen. Nanobubbles are used in industry to eliminate biofilm, clogged pipes, they are used to micro-polish microchips, to grow healthy fish and many other applications including uses in medicine. Many nanobubble studies listed below have been done for everything from healing skin conditions to oxygenating the body. We don’t make any health claims, but reading the science behind them is incredibly eye opening as to the possibilities. Buy elimination the toxic chlorine and associated byproducts and adding high levels of oxygen the water in your pool becomes something that you will crave and is far more refreshing than typical chlorinated toxic pool water. I knew I had to offer this to the millions of other pool owners in America & Around the world, who hate the stinky smelly water in their swimming pools, & also hate paying for pool service every month, but love to swim. For the millions of pool owners who want to swim with their eyes open under water with no burning, no scratchy eyes, no redness just clean crystal clear water.

Relief & a solution for the mothers & fathers who worry about their precious children swimming in a toxic soup! Finally, relief for the swimming sports enthusiast, who loves to burn calories but would like to be completely healthy when they do!

Just imagine, swimming every day & you begin to feel younger. One of the effects of this system is to create billions of tiny oxygen bubbles so small that they can get into the skin. When your body is exposed to 100% oxygen, it can start to increase collagen production, regrow blood vessels for improved blood flow & delay the obvious signs of aging! Lack of collagen is what gives your skin wrinkles! Increasing collagen makes your skin grow taut & firm! Exposure to oxygen has also been shown to increase telomere length ( shortened telomeres are a primary factor of aging) & decrease immune-senescence in blood cells, a process of immune dysfunction that occurs with age.

Exposure to 100% oxygen has also been linked to increases in cognitive enhancement and increasing blood flow to the brain! Wow!

We don’t claim swimming in our nano oxygen pool system can do any of these things but after you review the studies yourself, you can just imagine all of the possibilities that are available once you start swimming in chemical free oxygen saturated water.

Jet-setting pool owners who want to get more oxygen when they swim instead of poison, can now experience the benefits of oxygenated water and become the life of every one of their own swimming pool parties! Let’s be honest, when you have a swimming pool party do your friends actually get in the pool? Heck No! No one wants to spend the rest of the day with itchy scratchy chlorinated skin or hair! It’s usually just the children. However now your friends will be craving the opportunity to get the healthy glowing skin that you are now sporting since you started swimming in your oxygen pool. You will have all of the bragging rights at the club house telling your friends about your luxurious new swimming experiences!

You too can be the envy of the neighborhood! Your house can be the place where everyone wants to hang out and spend time by your new crystal clear oxygen pool.

Our pool system not only offers crystal clear chemical free healthy swimming pool water, it makes it that way using only the Power of Oxygen, hydrodynamic mixing and ionic minerals. Our system includes a built in oxygen concentrator to help saturate the water with pure oxygen! Everyone knows that if you want to stay alive you need to get oxygen in every second of the day, in fact, oxygen is the key to life! You get softer skin, silkier hair and can truly enjoy your swim each and every day without the obnoxious stink of smelly chlorine. To get these kinds of results you need the Bioblaster Bionic chemical free oxygen swimming pool system! Many studies have been done showing the benefits of oxygen on human health, and you will get to experience the healthy hair and skin that you need even if you are a daily swimmer. If you love to swim this is priceless.

Do you like to swim laps to burn calories and stay fit? Would you like to benefit from the anti-inflammatory anti-aging effects of oxygen? Recently everyone has been shouting about the amazing benefits of using the Peloton for weight loss. Get back Peloton! Swimming burns many more calories the riding a stationary bike. Swimming boosts your heart rate, strengthens and tones your muscles and tones both your upper and lower body at the same time! It does all of this while remaining low impact, meaning it is easier on your knees ankles and other joints than running or pedaling! Have you wondered all of your life when someone will develop a better way to keep swimming pools, fresh, clean clear and healthy?

The wait is finally over!

Swimming in nano-oxygen water is becoming the latest rage!

Now you can swim your laps knowing that you are increasing the caloric burn, by being comfortable swimming longer since there is no danger of chlorine poisoning. You can feel more energized and youthful as the oxygen gets to the mitochondria helping your body become a fat burning machine. You feel more youthful and your skin feels tighter and younger as you bask in this fresh clear oxygen water! You can be the envy of your friends, neighbors, and family members. Now they will have to get in line to come visit your home hoping that you might invite them to swim. They will be offering to do you favors and giving you gifts just so that they can swim in that fresh, crisp, clear, chlorine free, oxygen water swimming pool.

Maybe your pool won’t turn into the fountain of youth but it’s the next best thing!

Buy about now, you might be saying to yourself this sounds too good to be true, ( I can sure you that it is true) , so what’s the catch?

Well like all good things in life you must invest into your pool your health and your future if you want to get this kind of experience and these kinds of benefits.

How much does it cost you ask?

Well like all things in life you get what you pay for. Our system is not cheap. The best things in life rarely are. The good news is over time the system pays for itself in chemical savings!

There is almost no ongoing operational cost except a small electricity cost to run this system. This means that there are no ongoing salt costs, hydrogen peroxide or chemical costs and over the long haul it pays for itself.

What would you be willing to pay for your health youth and beauty?

Since all swimming pools are different sizes you need to call for your quote. With our system you get our state of the art industrial stainless steel ozone generator, patented nanobubble generating technology, mineralizing ion generators, and hydrodynamic mixing system all of this means that it works!

Best of all if you invest in one of our chlorine free automatic pools systems they practically pay for themselves! The typical payback of your investment is made by not paying for chemicals and not having to hire a pool service and it is only a matter of time! That means the system practically pays for itself , while you and your family enjoy the benefits right from day one!

Nanobubbles for Peer Reviewed Studies

Nanobubbles for tooth decay wound healing and COVID in Google drive studies


Muscle fatigue and recovery



-Weight loss


Inhibiting cancerous tumors


Nanobubble curcumin increases exercise performance


Vitamin mineral and drug delivery



Nanobubbleswith Nitric Oxide for COVID









Nanobubbles with Nitric oxide for Erectile Disfunction



Nanobubbles Molecular Hydrogen

  • As a Supplement


  • As anti inflammatory


  • As Antioxidant


  • As AntiAging


  • As Covid Adjuvant Treatment


  • Treatment of Autism


  • Hydrogen Drinks


  • As Treatment for High Altitude Sickness


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