SFS Ultra-Pure, Biodynamic, Filtering, Softening and Structuring System ( Whole House Large Unit))


Our Ultra Pure Family Safe Biodynamic, structuring and softening  system is designed to remove toxins like chlorine, arsenic, fluoride, pesticides and more, while retaining the healthful minerals.

It consists of:

a) 3 filters (Pre-Filter and two 9 layer Nano-Filters)

b) 1 salt-free, maintenance-free softening device

c) biofield imprinting, vortexing structuring device

Dimensions are:

Length: 17inches (main part) 8inches(water softener)  7inches ( structuring part)

Wight:  7inches

Height: 26 inches

Weight: 22 pounds



Now finally available you too can enjoy quality mountain-spring grade water at home for pennies per gallon! Hydrate your body, heal your gut , drink and shower in pure crystal clear structured Bio-charged water, right from your tap!

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