Areas that partake in food preparation, such as restaurants, have extremely strict standards that are enforced by the local health department authorities. If they fail these standards, then the business owners run the risk of having their businesses shut down completely because of a bad health grade. Cleaning protocols of the normal standards sometimes are not enough, because there are in fact surfaces that cannot be reached when it comes time to clean. This is also the same for bacteria that exists within the air, that settles on clean work stations, because the job just was not enough.
Bio3Blaster is the perfect tool to have equipped when it comes to getting the cleaning job done right the first time. Because when it comes to cleanliness in the work place, especially for a restaurant, you can never be too careful, especially when it comes to odor removal. Health inspectors look for odd smells that come out of the kitchen before they look for anything else, and an ozone generator is the perfect way to ensure that everything will be up to code before the next inspection, and in general.

After the work day is done and the janitorial staff has already done their job, have them set up the unit in the kitchen for the night. This will allow the ozone generator to run its course all throughout the night, without being disturbed. If there is a window in the kitchen, it would not hurt to crack it just a little bit for the night. In the morning, have whoever arrives first turn off the unit and put it away. However, if the smell is still lingering, let it run its course for another night.

You may need to do this a couple of nights per month, especially if you have a restaurant with foods that tend to leave a lingering odor.

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