Vehicle Odors

Vehicles collect odors like no other, and can become extremely uncomfortable when a number of factors come into play. Pet, food and body odors can build up until they become unbearable for your passengers, but you may not be able to detect it right away. For example, tobacco fumes stick to the ceiling, seats and the carpet of the car. This means that whenever you or a passenger sits down, the trapped fumes pop out.


The Bio3Blaster is the best ozone generator for your car because it attacks vehicle odors right at the source, and fills the interior of your car to oxidize per, food and tobacco odors that cling to the surface of your car. It even gets all of the odors in the crevices, cracks and even flows into the air vents to release and kill all of those unpleasant smells, no matter where they come from.

Place the Bio3Blaster on one of the seats, after you have cleaned the interior, and run the cord through the window. Leave the window where the cord is going through open just a smidgen, and turn the generator on for several hours. Depending on how bad the odors are, such as whether or not you smoke in your car every day, the treatment time for vehicle odors varies. If the odor is faint, an hour or two will do. If the odor is heavy, you’re going to need to leave the ozone generator on for quite awhile. Keep all doors and windows closed, except for the window where the cord is running through.

If the vehicle odors are coming out of the vents, turn on the vehicle’s fan during the treatment to allow the odor to cycle itself out. Once the treatment is over, return to the vehicle and open the windows so the interior can properly ventilate.

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