Unlimited Bumper to Bumper 1 Year Full Service or Replacement Warranty

5 Year Builders Defect Warranty:

We realize that occasionally everyone make mistakes and if you receive a machine, with a defect we will repair or replace it for up to 5 full years

1 Year Unlimited Bumper to Bumper Service Warranty:

We are so certain that our machines are un-paralleled in terms of output durability and reliability, that for one year from the date of shipment we will completely repair or replace the machine FREE regardless of abuse from the buyer (Drop it in acid, smash it with a hammer, shoot it with a 30 ought six, or run it over with a truck!). The cost for the repair and or replacement to the consumer is NOTHING. Additionally if the buyer elects he may participate in our LIFETIME GUARANTEE program which will extend these benefits forever, turning your machine into an undead ozone zombie.

There is an annual renewal fee that is applicable. No other terms or conditions apply except that the shipping is the
cost of the buyer.

Return Policy:

We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the output or quality of any of our machines in the first 15 days, ship us the unit and we will issue a complete refund. If you are not happy and return your unit within 30 days, you’ll get 50% refund. After 30, days no refund shall issue. By clicking the buy now button you agree to be bound by a private agreement between the parties for the hand building of the machine design requested.

Service and Repair Policy:

We know how important our customers are to us and how important your ozone machine is to you and your life or business. When we used to use other companies equipment many years ago we were frustrated at the long turn around for service and repair. We know that our tools are your “money-makers” so we want you to keep ’em running in tip top shape at all times.

We designed our new machines so that the Average Joe can fix and repair the most common things that need to be replaced like plates and even transformers, with simple tools in a few minutes. However, if you’re too busy or it seems out of your league we have a complete warranty service and repair “department”.

We strive to turnaround any machine we receive and repair or rebuild it in 24-48 hours or less! We even offer a phone hotline for technical and/or repair questions. For most repairs we only ask that you update your warranty and the repair is FREE!

Please Call Jeff at 216-303-0853 for help !

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